5 Reasons Why Your Brand Should Use Twitter

By Renee Elizabeth Gauntlett

On a personal level, people use Twitter to share with friends/followers what they are up to, how they are feeling and to interact with friends and associates. But why do brands use Twitter? You may be wondering what is the REAL purpose of Twitter and how it could REALLY help your brand. Well, here’s the deal. Here are five (5) main reasons your brand should use Twitter.


1. Its Where Your Audience is

Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media network with over 554 million active users and an average of 135,000 new users signing up everyday. You need to be where your customers are. So if your customers are on Twitter, then your brand should be there too. With all your customers in one place, your messages can be sent out much quicker and easier to all concerned.


2. Brand Personality Through Interactions

Twitter is a good way to add personality to your brand through interactions with your consumers and fans. Twitter is not just a news-sharing platform, it is also a conversational tool. Friendly conversations with your customers and followers can help to increase brand loyalty.


3. News and Trends

Since Twitter is a news-sharing platform (whether that news is personal or not), it can be a great asset to your marketing efforts. News is shared almost at the speed of light, and being in the know earlier will always have its advantages. On Twitter, it is so much easier to get the latest trends locally and worldwide.


4. Promotions

Twitter is an easy and fun platform for brand promotions such as giveaways. You can generate thousands of interactions by asking one question! Especially if there’s a chance at winning a prize.


5. Keeping an Eye on Your Competition

Finally, Twitter makes it easy to keep an eye on your competition. All latest posts appear at the top of your timeline, so you can keep track of all activity more efficiently.


Though I gave you 5 reasons your brand should use Twitter, I will give you a final and the most important reason – the opportunity to increase brand loyalty. With the 5 reasons stated above, as well as the proper and creative use of Twitter, consumers can become more engaged and loyal to your brand. So get on it, try it and see what can happen!



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