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Our Culture: Why we have a dream board

By Glenford Scott – GSCOTTY.COM 

Here at It’s Pixel Perfect we don’t only believe in building brands across online and social media platforms, we also believe in personal development and building every member of our team, though we are a small company we believe that our team’s growth is just as important as the growth of the brand’s we manage across various social media platforms and we put initiatives towards this. One of these initiatives is our dream board.

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What is a dream board?

We took the concept for the dream board from a company called Mindvalley, what the dream board is is exactly what it sounds like, a board filled with the dreams of everyone in the company, this is a small part of our efforts to create a culture that will attract the greatest minds to our company. Our company culture has 5 pillars; Happiness, personal growth, quest, community and a noble mission, the dream board falls under personal growth.

How is it done?

How we setup our dream board is from a collection of papers submitted by each team member which lists their dream into 3 categories which in essence tell us and yourself what do you want to experience in life, how do you want to grow and how do you want to contribute to the planet. I’ll elaborate on below.

Experiences / Objects: These are the experiences and objects you wish to gain out of life before you die, so on your final day you can say you truly lived life, think what you would want to experience if money and time were not an option. You can list experiences in your family, relationships, type of car you want to drive, sexual experiences etc.

Growth: My personal belief is that you should be on a constant mission in life to be better than you were the day before, a little smarter, a bit more fit, a bit more kind and an overall better human being towards others. So here we lists how you want to grow physically, health wise, spiritually, books you may want to read, languages you may want to learn etc.

Contribution: Think about the last time you gave someone a gift, didn’t it make you feel good that you brought joy to someone by that simple gesture whether it be giving a compliment or a nice birthday gift. So here you list how you wish to contribute to the world before you die, whether it be through charities, being an organ donor, grow your country’s economy, reach out and help in inner city communities etc.

Human beings have two major needs in life and these are the desire to contribute to the world and the desire to grow yourself.

This video was our inspiration to start the board so we’ll share it with you below.

Why we think it’s important?

Accountability: When you tell others your goals it automatically creates some form of accountability, say for example you have a goal to go to Paris this summer and you tell a friend you’ll be sure to hear “hey, how’s that trip to Paris going?”

Progress Management: Writing down your goals gives you the ability to manage them and organize when and how you can achieve each goal and when others are seeing these goals they’ll help you with this process.

Motivation: If surrounded by a group of positive people who are optimists and not mediocre dream killers, they’ll be a constant motivation to you to achieve your goals.

Connection : When you share anything personal with someone and they do the same you have gained a new personal connection, in layman terms you may have gained a new friend and when you build relationships with people on a deeper level than simply your co-worker you’ll feel better working with that person as well as feel more free to be creative with that person hence creating better results.

Now we’re not saying you should tell your goals to every Tom, Dick and Harry as this may backfire if they are negative people who enjoy showing others why things can’t happen. It’s not just telling people who will hold you accountable – but telling people who are going on the journey with you. Telling people with similar goals seems to provide good results.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined” – Henry David Thoreau. We all have dreams, and we all must make it our duty in life to achieve these dreams and we as a company must respect the dreams of our team members and help them achieve them.

We’d like to express our thanks to the folks at Mindvalley for giving us the idea.