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Perfect 4: Our Anniversary Story

Wow it’s been 4 years already.

As we close off our anniversary week, if I were to consider the time in days it would be over 1000 days of dedication, hard work and resilience.  Who could ask for more! However let me simply reflect on the last 365 days.

Our fourth year in business was a very good year for us, based on the targets that were set last year. Our mission was to be sustainable, with a team that was able to deliver the highest level of service to our customers, be a good citizen to our community and become a profitable establishment.

Looking back,  we came very close to achieving all and I would like to thank every advisor, every partner, every friend, every client and every member of the team. What we have achieved in the last year of business has been remarkable for example:

  • We have nearly doubled our workforce and have embraced diversity.      
  • We have expanded our presence globally; we now have major clients in North America   and the wider Caribbean region.
  • We have changed our business model slightly to foster a more open and connected team, strongly driven by technology to meet the demands and pace of our market.

These things could not have been achieved without the help and hard work of the people mentioned above and  I would like to thank them again for their effort and dedication.

Now it is a new year, new challenges and new opportunities.  A time to take advantage of the future and make full use of the opportunities despite the challenges facing the Jamaican economy. It is with some level of foresight and understanding that our success will not be an entitlement but something we earn daily, that will drive us to achieve even greater things in our 5th year of business.

So this message is not a celebratory address but really a pause on the journey, to appreciate what we have achieved so far. The journey is not over yet, so let’s not get weary but push on to establish ourselves as the best Digital Marketing company in the Caribbean .

One Love



Message from the MD

I founded It’s Pixel Perfect (IPP) because I believed that building a great marketing agency would improve businesses, people’s lives and, hopefully the world. In the two years – plus that has followed, my team and I have been constantly delighted by the ways in which we have impacted business while not shying away from our social responsibilities.

In the next decade, however, the competition for new revenues, new markets, new products and new services will continue to intensify. I know, that if we want to survive this period we have to operate in completely new ways, making sustainability integral to our innovation and performance.

Toward the end of 2013, I found guidance in the words of the late Nelson Mandela. He said, “there is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” It is this idea, that I used as a stepping stone toward the rebuilding of IPP. Last December, I began by reorganizing the management team around a core service to improve responsibility and accountability across IPP. We had a big clean up. We needed it! We had so many opportunities, and unless I made those hard choices, we may have ended up spreading ourselves too thin and not have had the impact that we would want. This left me with no choice but to focus on a core service, content marketing. This service would be cleaner, more consistent and would bring more value to our customers. It would allow all our services to work together seamlessly. It is still early days, and we have a long way to go, but this process will tremendously impact the we way we do business going forward.

Our dependency on technology for efficiency has single-handedly been our change maker since the start of the year. Our customers access to changes and information has been well streamlined by the use of several unique open source softwares and web applications. It is however futile to have the right resources and not have the right team members. That in itself was a roller coaster ride I won’t forget. Finding the right fit and the right balance to meet the required roles we needed in the company, certainly had its moments. We tried several interns with various skill sets and leadership capabilities. As talented as some were, we just couldn’t fit the pieces together seamlessly. I think we got the break-through when I recognized that we had to develop a team of A-Players who understood the philosophy of Performance with Purpose. After understanding that, I recreated a team with several unique roles and since then we have been on the road to sustainable growth. I know at this point that the mountains we climb will be steep, but we will climb them together.

There has been something slightly funny in the office that right now we may be known more for our philanthropic duties than the marketing ideas that we have executed for our clients. I wasn’t amused initially, because I thought our focus was being misjudged. After much thought, I realised that we were right down the path of what I had initially wanted. Social Responsibility is at the centre of our business and we won’t change that now or in the future. It is who we are. WE LOVE PEOPLE. We had our first successful charity activity in December “Give Where You Live: Christmas Treat” at the UWI Hospital. Since then, we have continued our philanthropic activities with our #LoveMore campaign and our “Give Where You Live: Toy Drive” which starts this month.

Relevant information and a lightning fast approach in delivering clients needs are key in our core service. We know if we keep our customers informed with information they NEED to know, it will help them to understand our business process and also potentially understand the changes in their industries. That is why I’m so excited about the relaunch of our blog. It allows us to execute projects for our clients, then write a blog post to explain how it works. We recognize that if we hold their hands during this time, they will hold our hands in the future.

We have observed that the financial situation of this country has placed businesses in a corner and thus they need excellent return on their investment (ROI) to meet their basic needs. They need results out of a hat like magic. Can we blame them? No we can’t. We have accepted the situation that we are in, what our customers are faced with and we are equipping ourselves with the skills, the patience, and the people to survive this period and help our clients to reach their goals.

I am proud of the progress we are making but is this the best we can do? I certainly do not think so but I know we can, must and we will do better.

– Conrad Mathison

Lessons Learned: What Jamaican Promo Girls Can Teach You About Business

glenford scott

Many of us think of promotional girls as just scantily clad women who go around at events and use their sex appeal to get you to buy whatever they are promoting, but if you look past the revealing clothing (as hard as that may be) these girls can teach us some valuable lessons about business.

Everyday I try my best to extract a few lessons and learn from life experiences as I go along, so I can become a true student of life, this post is inspired by the time I spent in Negril for the independence weekend at RTI. From my trip to RTI I observed and interacted with a few promotional teams for the weekend event namely Rough Rider Condoms and Boom Energy Drink promotional girls and at all the parties I observed how just a small group of promo girls can control the entire vibe of an…

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Lessons Learned: The Best Way To Help Others Is To Help Yourself

glenford scott

I was watching a Jay Z interview on his YouTube channel Life + Times and he said something I found very profound and that I agreed with fully. When asked about him being accused of not being charitable enough he said “my presence is charity” now this may sound egotistical at first glance but it carries a lot of genuine truth. What he meant by this is that just by him doing what he loves, making out of a violent community and being hugely successful he is inspiring others (myself included) to do the same and in essence helping them get out of their situation.


I agreed with this fully because in my life I have many people who i admire greatly and they have never given me a dollar or sat down with me and given me advice, nor have they directly contributed to my community. Yet just by…

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Have an Inspiring Week

My Life on Screen

It is Friday July 26 and I woke up at 6:30 this morning to write this blog. My past week was one of my most inspiring ones thus far in my life, and I want to share the highlights with you.

On Tuesday night I was talking to one of my friends about my dreams and what I want to do with my life, and into the conversation she asked me a simple but profound question. One that I know many people ask themselves daily: “How can I find my passion, how do I find what I really wanted to do with the rest of my life?”

At any other point in my life I may have been unable to provide a sensible response, but my experiences over the last few months had prepared me for this one question.

Surely there is no one way to find your life’s passion…

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5 Things We Can Learn from Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail

By Kishmar Shepherd – My Life On Screen

Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge Jay-Z fan. I love his music, his character and what he means to young black men all over the world. To me Jay-Z represents success, triumph over bad situations and constant personal growth.

He has set a good example for anyone to aspire to but today I want to talk about his new Album MCHG and what messages creative people can get from the songs on the album. My boss always says “Success leaves clues” so let’s see what clues we can pick up from the great Hov.

“Bright lights are enticing but look what that did to (Mike) Tyson.” – Holy Grail

Don’t be blinded by your success –

As artists, sometimes we struggle for so long that when success comes we get carried away in it and lose ourselves in the hype. This has happened to a lot of creative people who become successful and find it hard to remain creative or inspired. Remain grounded in the good times and the bad.

“I just want a Picasso in my casa, no my castle.” – Picasso Baby

Aim high and know what you want out of life. In order to reach a destination we must decide where it is we want to go. In the song Jay Z raps about what he wants out of this life, his goals are lavish but at least he knows what he wants and is more likely to get it. Our goals may not be to own a Picasso but we should have some clearly defined goals and say them out loud, don’t be afraid to tell other people what you want. This is part of the speaking into being Christians talk about. What do I want? I want to win an Oscar.

“Don’t be good my ni**a be great” F.U.T.W

Don’t settle for being good, we should always strive for greatness. But what is the difference between good and great, what is that defining piece of the puzzle that takes one from ordinary to extraordinary? For this industry there is a different defining factor, there is not one formula that will work for everything, but one thing is for sure, hard work and never settling will take you further than share talent. Always strive to be greater than you are today and your greatness will come to you.

“My uncle said I’d never sell a million records, I sold a million records about a million times” – Crown

Don’t let other people put parameters on your success. You are not limited by what people say you can do, you are only limited by yourself. People may not always believe in your dream but that does not mean it will not come true. Some of the world’s greatest men were once considered mad for attempting things others thought were impossible. Yet these things have been accomplished through will, power, determination and belief.

“No guilt in giving clear a n**** conscience out, no guilt in receiving, everything within reason.” – Nickels & Dimes

As artists we should not be afraid to give to others without asking for returns. This is not to say we should work for free; or give away what we earn but I believe that everyone in a position to, should help others. The other side of that is that we should not be embarrassed to receive from others. Sometimes we let our pride prevent us from taking gifts, this may come as money or even advice.

And there you have it, my 5 pieces of advice which I got from Jay-Z’s new album. I am sure there are lots more messages we can get from the album along with the great music.

Enjoy the album.