8 Ways to Maximise Your LinkedIn Presence

LinkedIn is THE professional social networking platform and also your online resume.

Have you joined?

Have you been getting invites?

LinkedIn has rapidly become the social networking site for businesses, professionals and recently college students. However, some young professionals and college students do not see the purpose of having a LinkedIn account. Or, if they do have one, it is outdated or doesn’t have the necessary tools to catch the attention of recruiters or clients.

Here are 8 ways to maximise your LinkedIn profile to properly manage your professional identity.

1. Use an appropriate profile photo

LinkedIn is all about professionalism so your profile photo should portray just that.  You need a photo that screams “Hey, I’m work material”. Use a photo that will catch the eyes of prospective employers or clients; in a good way.

So don’t use that lovely selfie that everybody liked on Instagram, that group photo you cropped because you looked good, a picture with poor lighting, one with your hand in the picture because you took it yourself, or that photo of you having a nice relaxing day at the beach.

Try using a black and white photo; there is something very classy about a black and white photo or a photo in business/ professional work attire.

     http://linkedinprofileservice.co/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/best-linkedin-financial-profile-example-300x200.jpg   Good LinkedIn Profile Photo


Bad LinkedIn         Profile Photo


2. Have a great headline

This would be like your personal branding. Use keywords that can be easily optimized in search engines. For example: “Marketer”, “Hardworking”,   “Experienced”. Use titles and descriptions that potential employees or clients are likely to search for.

Can “Twerk Team Champ” be in your title? Absolutely Not!http://financialsocialmedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/amy_linkedin_blog.png

3. Good Summary

Write your summary in such a tone as if you and the reader are having a conversation. Your summary should make the reader want to have a business relationship with you. This is where you can give people an opportunity to see who you are, your background, your goals and additional places they can find you online or contact you. An interesting summary creates an interested recruiter. This will increase your chances of being contacted.

4. Utilize the Skills/Expertise Section

Make sure to add skills that are relevant to your career or business, and skills that your colleagues or clients can endorse. If you aren’t receiving any endorsements, then I guess you’re not as skilled as you think or people don’t know of your existence in that area. Oh no! That’s never a good thing.

5. Join groups

Even though, it is a professional network, LinkedIn is still a social media network. Joining LinkedIn groups gives you an opportunity to meet and network with like-minded professionals who are constantly sharing information.

For college graduates or job-seekers, two groups to join are: “Job Openings, Job Leads and Job Connections” & “A Job Needed – A Job Posted

6. Use Photos and Videos

Don’t just talk about the work you’ve done, show it under your list of experiences. The use of photos and videos is an excellent way of showing how awesome your work is. It’s also a good way of attracting clients and investments.

7. Utilise LinkedIn Applications

Enhance your profile with applications that show off your work and interests. If you are a writer then you can add WordPress with samples of your previous articles. Slideshare or Box.netapp are great apps for photographers or videographers. Applications will allow you to embed your work onto your profile and make you stand out to recruiters even more.

8. Add Recent Contact Information

So a client or employer sees your awesome LinkedIn profile and wants to get in contact with you right away. HOWEVER there is no contact information available on your profile. If you are someone who doesn’t sign into LinkedIn very often then you’ll miss out on potential jobs. Make sure to have current contact information on your profile. You don’t need to put a phone number but definitely at least an email address. Don’t put an email address that you don’t use anymore and do ensure that it’s professional. ganjaman876@yahoo.com and hawtgyalshelly@hotmail.com? … I think not.


Regardless of whether you are in business, a budding entrepreneur, new to the working world or mostly do non-profit work, LinkedIn is a very good networking tool to help you achieve your professional goals. Unlike Facebook and Twitter which allow for personal networking, LinkedIn encourages professional networking. LinkedIn is heavily used by HR managers and new businesses looking for partners or new opportunities. It is in your best interest to have a professional LinkedIn profile set up.  Take advantage of this medium. LinkedIn encourages users to provide a highly professional look to their resume and/or profile on the networking site.

Follow these 8 tips and you would have definitely maximised your LinkedIn profiles, guaranteed to catch the eyes of the corporate world recruiters.



Follow my TWEETS

You have 140 characters, how can you improve your ‘t-w-e-e-t-s’?


“When our emotions are engaged, we often have trouble seeing things as they are.”
Robert Greene, The Art of Seduction

You may have grand plans for your company, promotions and sale of your products which are all motivated by passion and sustained by it; BUT in the digital space of twitter, nobody really cares!!

Instead, think.

  • Think about your plans to foster brand growth through this medium.

  • Think of ways to bring value to your brand.

  • Think of ways to bring value to your followers.

  • Think of ways to not only to improve your followers but retain them.

Remember, unfollowing someone on twitter is easier than unfriending a person on Facebook.

W – Watch what others tweet

“When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures bristling with prejudice and motivated by pride and vanity.”
― Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends & Influence People

Know your followers.  Try to understand what they like, what they don’t like, what they hate and what they tweet about a lot. It gives you somewhat of an awe like essence that you understand them.

Similarly, know your competitors, and don’t be caught making their mistakes.

kenneth cole hashtag failKenneth Cole inappropriately used the trending hashtag #Cairo to promote their products. It came across to its followers as very insensitive to a serious international issue.

E – Educate

“Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.”

– Robert Frost

Educate yourself and educate your followers. A lot of people are trying to be funny and irreverent, when they should really try to be unique, smart and informative. Always remember that no matter what your brand does, the end game is to provide value to your customers about your product.

E – Entertain

Try not to be too funny. People will see that you are and use it against you. Twitter is a cruel and harsh place if you try too hard.

One way of entertaining your followers is engaging with other brands. It will show rivalry or partnerships. It’s a good way to ride the wave of each other’s followers.


T – Thank your followers

Expressing gratitude towards your followers will align the laws of attraction towards your brand.  Your followers, who are your current and prospective customers like to feel that their contribution to your success was noticed. Our parents taught us to say please and thank you in social settings, why ignore the social sphere of social media?

Even though saying thank you has become scarce, did you know that economically, scarcity brings value? Remember that you are still trying to bring value to your brand.

S – Seduce

Construct and maintain tweets that will evoke emotional stimulation from those on twitter. Aim at their secret wishes that have been thwarted or repressed, stirring up uncontrollable emotions, clouding their powers of reason. Emotional tweets will captivate attention.


– Think

– Watch what others tweet

 – Educate

– Entertain

– Thank your Followers

– Seduce

Using t-w-e-e-t-s, how will you tell the best story about your company in 140 characters?

35 historic things to know about Content Marketing

 Now, this is a story all about how

my life got flipped-turned upside down

And i’d like to take a minute

Just sit right there

I’ll tell you how I became ……..

Content Marketing?

Yes, I don’t rhyme; all my pieces may not seem to fit; but that is because I was created to appeal to everyone and to each person individually. No one person receives a sent message the same way, so it was important that as I was born and as I evolved, I could be the story everyone needed to hear or read.

The infographic below, titled “A Brief History of Content Marketing” is courtesy of Content Marketing Institute, and provides a fun and easy to understand timeline for my life (content marketing). As the below infographic will show, “hundreds of years, thousands of brands, but one thing remains the same – the power of story.” IPP told you how important it is to be able to tell a true story well (see the previous post).


4 histories not listed in the timeline:

2000: e-books

  • In July 2000, author and blogger Seth Godin created the e-book ‘Unleashing the Ideavirus’ and made it available for free. The e-book was downloaded over 1 million times and is considered the most downloaded e-book of all time. With a user-friendly interface, e-books gave content marketers a new channel to educate potential customers and establish their companies as thought leaders.

Source: marketingprofs.com 

2005: Podcasting

  • In June 2005, Apple added a podcast subscription feature to ITunes and a directory of podcasts at the iTunes music store.

  • In July 2005, Fidelity Investments became one of the first major corporations to use podcasting to reach its customers

Source: marketingprofs.com

2006: Social Channels

  • Twitter launched in July 2006 and Facebook opened to anyone over the age of 13. Facebook and twitter joined LinkedIn as the major social media platforms. Businesses began to use social tools as a new way to engage customers and fans.

  • Today social media marketing is often confused with content marketing

Source: marketingprofs.com 

2014: The LEGO Movie

  • In 1987, the timeline lists “LEGO launches Brick Kicks Magazine (Now LEGO club magazine). 27 years later, the brand continues to find ways to educate their customers about their products in an entertaining way. Kids are average people with a wild and creative imagination; they are brought to life in this animation.

Where does your Most Valued Provider fall in our timeline of history?

How can you master the power of story to Be The MVP in 2014?

Content Marketing


Be the MVP

This IPP Content Marketing Series: Be the Most Valued Provider (MVP), hopes to offer an entertaining, informative and memorable insight into this whole idea of content marketing.

It might seem crazy what I’m about to say next ….. but I can’t tell you what content marketing exactly is. Content marketing as a concept isn’t definitive. How we define and understand concepts is relative to our approaches and practices.

At IPP, content marketing is customized or personalized education, by combining the interests of consumers with the product offerings of our clients.


Joe Pulizzi, who is said to have coined the term ‘content marketing’ will describe it another way and other ‘experts’ based on technological evolutions may add their variations.


                  What is expected of the business using it?

  • Businesses are expected to present the product in an entertaining manner, give information and, make the product memorable to drive sales.

What is the expectation of the consumer having been exposed to content marketing?

  • Having been exposed to the product via content marketing strategies, the consumer should have been entertained, given relevant and useful information about the product and, had such a personal impact that it was so memorable to cause purchase or use.

Did you see what just happened there? The aim of this series reiterates what content marketing should do. It should entertain, give information and make the product memorable.



Businesses must aim to be the MVP for their niche markets:

  • Interestingly presented truth gains loyalty, not fluff. Tell the story of your product well, don’t give fairytales.

  • One-size fits all blasts can’t and won’t work. Relevant and useful information must be given on a consumer-to-consumer basis

  • Know that content marketing isn’t the same as social media marketing. Social media is merely a distribution channel used in content marketing

  • Create valuable content using infographics, blog posts, memes, ebooks, case studies, testimonials, videos or even a combination

Coming next in our IPP Content Marketing Series, we will explore the history of content marketing. Did you know that 1895 was the birth of content marketing, with a customized magazine? That’s 119 years ago ….. I thought this was a new concept, didn’t you?

                                                                Until then …..                                                                                  What is your definition of content marketing?                                      Do you know any MVP that is using content marketing?                                                                 Share it with us!!!

No Matter Your Status #LoveMore

In a relationship? Single? Married? Confused?

Separated? On the side? Divorced? Lonely?

No matter your status #LoveMore

Love More Banner

The #LoveMore campaign was designed and launched by IPP to reduce, demolish, obliterate, torpedo, flatten the international stereotypical behaviour of only outwardly showing love and appreciation on February 14, birthdays or anniversaries.

Loving is a social gesture, a form of companionship and should not be limited to persons involved in a sexual relationship. So, IPP took to social media and found five persons who only had two things in common: they were on twitter and are involved in the media. Why media personalities? They are exposed to diverse groups of persons and they either tweet often or have many followers. And since the campaign doubled as an internal competition for the team members of IPP, the latter was extremely useful.

IPP was in the process of restructuring and a good team building exercise is friendly competition. The #LoveMore campaign was initially intentioned to be organized by all members of the team. The good leader, Mr. Managing Director, realized that some members of the team were not getting as involved and as enthused as he would have hoped. So … how do you fix that? You let your members compete with each other- divide and conquer. Now you have two teams (#TeamPurple and #TeamBlue), each with three members given the task of executing individual group campaigns for two days each, during the week February 11-14.

Charged with the uphill battle of sourcing guest presenters, compiling a plan (outlined with hashtags, questions, images) and promoting the twitter chat; the teams even found themselves persuading the same personalities.

#TeamBlue featured Intense host, Talia Soares; Vlogger and Singer, Toni Blair; and Socialite and Event Promoter, Marlon ‘Musique’ Campbell. Diversity proved strong for #teamblue as they featured a male during their campaign. Promotion by their guests saw the increase in followers and interactions  during the campaign. Campbell’s girlfriend joined in on the chat confirming her likes and dislikes, when he was asked about things in their relationship. Lack of retweets in hashtags like #vdaysinglesplaylist and #loveyourself and the late start and lack of advisory before the chat with Talia, were faults noticed by the very critical twitter public.

Off to a great start with guest and entertainer, Denyque, #teampurple outshined #teamblue with their followers when comparing both teams on their first days. #TeamPurple also managed to snag the lovely Fi Wi Choice host, Amita as their other guest. Relationship pet peeves, cheating in relationships and heartbreak featured the discussion with both females. Twitter jail, lack of organization and scarcity in engagement on valentines day were downfalls of this team.

The teams overall contributed to the 562 retweets and the 21% increase in followers over the four day period. An amazing combined effort for campaigns planned in three days.

The edge in the victory went to #teamblue who were able to demonstrate good organization and good follow through in documented plans. However, competition and celebrations aside, let us not forget the underlying purpose of the campaign.

#LoveMore represents love for self, friends, family, acquaintances, team members, country. It represents pride, commitment, sacrifice and patience. And it most definitely lasts 24/7 365 days a year.

Message from the MD

I founded It’s Pixel Perfect (IPP) because I believed that building a great marketing agency would improve businesses, people’s lives and, hopefully the world. In the two years – plus that has followed, my team and I have been constantly delighted by the ways in which we have impacted business while not shying away from our social responsibilities.

In the next decade, however, the competition for new revenues, new markets, new products and new services will continue to intensify. I know, that if we want to survive this period we have to operate in completely new ways, making sustainability integral to our innovation and performance.

Toward the end of 2013, I found guidance in the words of the late Nelson Mandela. He said, “there is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” It is this idea, that I used as a stepping stone toward the rebuilding of IPP. Last December, I began by reorganizing the management team around a core service to improve responsibility and accountability across IPP. We had a big clean up. We needed it! We had so many opportunities, and unless I made those hard choices, we may have ended up spreading ourselves too thin and not have had the impact that we would want. This left me with no choice but to focus on a core service, content marketing. This service would be cleaner, more consistent and would bring more value to our customers. It would allow all our services to work together seamlessly. It is still early days, and we have a long way to go, but this process will tremendously impact the we way we do business going forward.

Our dependency on technology for efficiency has single-handedly been our change maker since the start of the year. Our customers access to changes and information has been well streamlined by the use of several unique open source softwares and web applications. It is however futile to have the right resources and not have the right team members. That in itself was a roller coaster ride I won’t forget. Finding the right fit and the right balance to meet the required roles we needed in the company, certainly had its moments. We tried several interns with various skill sets and leadership capabilities. As talented as some were, we just couldn’t fit the pieces together seamlessly. I think we got the break-through when I recognized that we had to develop a team of A-Players who understood the philosophy of Performance with Purpose. After understanding that, I recreated a team with several unique roles and since then we have been on the road to sustainable growth. I know at this point that the mountains we climb will be steep, but we will climb them together.

There has been something slightly funny in the office that right now we may be known more for our philanthropic duties than the marketing ideas that we have executed for our clients. I wasn’t amused initially, because I thought our focus was being misjudged. After much thought, I realised that we were right down the path of what I had initially wanted. Social Responsibility is at the centre of our business and we won’t change that now or in the future. It is who we are. WE LOVE PEOPLE. We had our first successful charity activity in December “Give Where You Live: Christmas Treat” at the UWI Hospital. Since then, we have continued our philanthropic activities with our #LoveMore campaign and our “Give Where You Live: Toy Drive” which starts this month.

Relevant information and a lightning fast approach in delivering clients needs are key in our core service. We know if we keep our customers informed with information they NEED to know, it will help them to understand our business process and also potentially understand the changes in their industries. That is why I’m so excited about the relaunch of our blog. It allows us to execute projects for our clients, then write a blog post to explain how it works. We recognize that if we hold their hands during this time, they will hold our hands in the future.

We have observed that the financial situation of this country has placed businesses in a corner and thus they need excellent return on their investment (ROI) to meet their basic needs. They need results out of a hat like magic. Can we blame them? No we can’t. We have accepted the situation that we are in, what our customers are faced with and we are equipping ourselves with the skills, the patience, and the people to survive this period and help our clients to reach their goals.

I am proud of the progress we are making but is this the best we can do? I certainly do not think so but I know we can, must and we will do better.

– Conrad Mathison