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Real Entertainment Television (RETV) Social Media Coverage of Reggae Sumfest 2015

Quick Summary

With their competitors Hype TV and BOJ TV doing live coverage of the 12th Annual Reggae Sumfest in Catherine Hall Montego Bay, RETV wanted to ensure that they had social media coverage of Reggae Sumfest Dancehall Night since the station promotes and carries dancehall music and they were also media coverage sponsors. This was to be done on their social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the focus being mainly on Instagram. After the success of Dancehall Night, the client decided that they also wanted coverage for International Nights 1 and 2. This case study represents the IPP execution of a live social media campaign in the area of entertainment.

  • Goal/Problem

To assess if maximum social media coverage was achieved by It’s Pixel Perfect for the project Reggae Sumfest from July 16-19, 2015 across three social media platforms for RETV Jamaica.

  1. Increase RETV’s followers on Instagram by 500 followers.
  2. To provide light coverage on Facebook and Twitter
  3. To provide media (photos & videos) of every performance for each night.
  • Context

What originally should’ve been a 3 day campaign turned into a 5 day campaign. The first two days were used for lead up promotion and ticket giveaways and the last three nights for live social media blogging executed on site at Catherine Hall in Montego Bay. Each night’s coverage varied with a minimum coverage of 8 hours and a maximum of 11 hours. Coverage on Dancehall Night included the use of two live bloggers and coverage on International Nights had one live blogger.

  • Strategy/Tactics

  1. Start the promotion two days before the actual event on all platforms
  2. Provide ongoing, concise and accurate updates of every performance
  3. To promote the Reggae Sumfest Recap that would come on RETV one week later.
  4. Post photos of RETV’s host, Alexia, and publicize her wardrobe sponsor for the weekend, Flirt Boutique.


  • Returns


  • Followers increased by 77 



  • There was no growth shown  on Facebook


RETV’s Instagram followers increased by 542 followers at the end of Reggae Sumfest. On Thursday July 16 before Reggae Sumfest, they had 4,508 followers and on Sunday July 19 they had 5,050 followers.


The following photos were reposted by performing acts at Reggae Sumfest

Common’s Supporting Vocalist Mumu Fresh



The photo of J. Hud in black was taken by RETV (Source: Jennifer Hudson Instagram ) 




Lessons Learned

  • Being further away from the stage in the VIP section gave a wider shot of the stage in photography.
  • Instagram proved to be the best platform for an event such as Reggae Sumfest as during the early hours of the morning (between 1 am – 7 am) interaction on Twitter and Facebook were low.
  • Having one social media manager at the event for International Nights 1 & 2 had its disadvantages as the main stages and the mini stages were too far from each other to go back and forth.
  • Start querying about accreditation/transportation/accommodations at least 3 weeks prior to an event.


Overall the social media coverage on RETV’s social media was successful. 90% of the performances were captured and the quality photos and videos made them stand out among other brands that covered the event. To make an event of this nature be more successful, social media preparation would need to start at least a month before the event.



How to execute a great Facebook Contest


By Glenford Scott – GSCOTTY.COM 

Do you really need a campaign?

Before making the decision to invest in a Facebook contest for your business, evaluate if you really need it. A Facebook contest may not be right for every business, such as a B2B business that gets most of it’s income from a small batch of clients.

Eg – A lumber company that sells lumber to a handful of clients probably won’t benefit from a Facebook contest.

Set Goals

Be realistic with your goals and decide on a few things that you’d like to gain from running this contest to make it successful in your eyes, whether it be that you’d like to gain more fans, increase engagement, bring awareness to a new product or create some brand advocates for your brand. Setting goals is an important part of the process.


Choose the type of Contest and Prize

When running a Facebook competition the main types of contest are broken down in 4 categories ; Photo, video, sweepstakes and essay contests. Whichever contest you decide to run make sure the prize is desirable, don’t be picky, YOU HAVE TO GIVE TO GET. When choosing a prize just think to yourself  ”would I do what this contest requires to win this prize?”, if your answer isn’t immediately YES, raise the value of the prize.


Use a Third Party-app

Due to Facebook rules which you can view below

  • All promotions must be managed through a third-party app.
  • You must not use Facebook features or functionality (likes, comments, videos, photos, cover photos, etc.) as a promotion’s registration or entry mechanism. For example, the act of liking a Page or checking in to a place cannot automatically register or enter a promotion participant. Similarly, requiring someone to share a post or photo in order to enter a promotion is not allowed.
  • Facebook features and functionality, such as the Like button, can’t be used as a voting mechanism in a promotion.

as you can see from you have to use a 3rd party app to run a Facebook contest or you’ll get punished by Facebook if they catch you breaking the rules. Thankfully there are a wide variety of 3rd party apps to choose from such as – WildfireStrutta,VotigoShortstackFanappzNorth SocialWoobox and my personal favorite Offerpop.


Launch and Promote it

When you’ve finished setting your goals, choosing the type of contest and prize as well as the 3rd party app you’ll use to run it with, the next step is to launch and promote it. When promoting your Facebook competition your going to want to invest in some ads, one thing to take into consideration before you do this is Facebook’s 20% text rule, whatever design you choose to represent your competition it must contain 20% text or less in order to be eligible to be promoted via ads. The following is an exceprt from facebook regarding the 20% text rule and how you can check to see if you comply with the rule.

To see if your ad meets the limit of 20% of text for an ad image, use our grid tool. This tool is a 5×5 grid with a total of 25 boxes (see below). To meet the 20% text, text may appear in a maximum of 5 boxes (5/25=25).

To use the grid tool:

  1. Go to the grid tool.

  2. Click Browse to upload an image you want to use in your ad.

  3. Click Show grid to display the image within the 5×5 grid.

Click on the boxes that contain text. If text is present in 6 or more boxes, then the image has more than 20% text and is not eligible to be used in an ad in News Feed.


Thank fans and review stats

At the end of the competition it’s important to let fans know that you appreciate their participation in your contest and also review the stats that would have been gathered from your 3rd party app regarding the contest to see if you met or missed your goals and decide on how you can do better next time.

10 Best Brand Campaigns on Instagram

By Renee Elizabeth Gauntlett

Brands have been making good use of Facebook and Twitter, however, many persons are confused about how to effectively use Instagram for their brand campaigns. Take a look at these Brand Campaigns which I think were some of the best on Instagram. I hope these will serve as good examples for your own marketing campaigns.


 1. Brisk Iced Tea #Briskpic Campaign

Lipton’s Brisk Iced Tea did an interesting hashtag based photo campaign on Instagram last year. The campaign encouraged fans to tag their photos with the hashtag #Briskpic for a chance to have their pictures placed on one of the 4000 limited edition Brisk Iced Tea can which was presented at the South by Southwest Interactive.


With this campaign, fans won’t just see their pictures on a website or poster, but can actually own one of the cans produced. This gives the brand a more personal touch. I would have done this to get my face on a can!

2. Redbull’s ‘Instagram Your Inspiration’ Campaign

Redbull has recently launched their new line of products called Editions. Editions introduces 3 new flavours that coincide with the 3 Redbull colours, Red (cranberry), Blue (blueberry) and Silver (lime). Redbull, in collaboration with We Are Social, then created the ‘Instagram Your Inpiration’ Campaign.


Fans were encouraged to upload pictures of what they think inspires each colour (flavour) with one of the corresponding hashtags #rededitionplease #blueeditionplease or #silvereditionplease. Qualifiers will be sent a can of the flavour they chose to try. Qualifying photos were also collaged and made into posters around the UK. I think this was quite interesting and encouraged fans to get creative.

3. Ford’s ‘Fiestagram’ Campaign


In 2012, Ford launched the Ford Fiesta which was considered one of the ‘sexiest’. Ford then got creative and launched ‘Fiestagram’: a six-week photo contest in which fans could submit photos and win prizes. Each week, Ford would release a new hashtag which was related to one of the Ford Fiesta’s high-tech feature. Fans were required to submit a photo related to that week’s hashtag, and the best photos were selected and prizes won. The final prize was, of course, a Ford Fiesta.

4. Nike ‘PHOTOiD’ Campaign

Nike, one of the top sportswear brands in the world, is now more creative than ever. One of Nike’s most unique aspect is the option for customers to design their own Nike Air sneaker. In an effort to promote this service, Nike launched the ‘PHOTOiD’ campaign on social networks including Twitter and Instagram.


In this campaign, fans upload a photo, any photo, and are then presented with a Nike Air sneaker design which contains the colours of the photo uploaded. Each design is then featured on the Nike website and social media sites. Adding a personal interaction with customers is one of the best ways to KEEP these customers coming back.


5. Marc Jacobs’ #MarcFam Campaign

Clothing line Marc Jacobs made use of the holiday by launching a social media campaign in the form of a photo/video competition. In this competition, fans are encouraged to upload holiday photos or videos of their families wearing Marc Jacobs items with the hashtag #MarcFam. Fans can then vote on the best photos or videos and the most-liked posts win Marc Jacobs prizes as well as have their photos be a part of the Marc Jacobs family photo album.


This campaign theme coincided with the winter holidays and helped to encourage ‘family time’. It showed a more compassionate side of the company, while still keeping the brand in fans’ minds.

6. Ben & Jerry’s #CaptureEuphoria Campaign

The popular US based ice cream company, Ben & Jerry’s launched a different kind of campaign on Instagram last year. Instead of having the typical photo competition featuring fans and the products, Ben & Jerry’s created a big wave on Instagram with their #CaptureEuphoria campaign.


The campaign encouraged fans to take pictures of whatever Euphoria meant to them and use the hashtag #CaptureEuphoria. Though some of the photos submitted featured some of Ben & Jerry’s products, the campaign gave fans the opportunity to uniquely express themselves, while still managing to draw fans to their page.

7. Starbucks ‘Behind the Scenes’ Campaign

Starbucks also did a different kind of brand campaign on Instagram; no photo contest, no submissions from fans. The aim of the ‘Behind the Scenes’ campaign was, as the slogan states, to show images of the processes in making the coffee that millions seem to crave.


The images uploaded to the Starbucks page include the basic steps: testing, tasting and preparation. The ‘Behind the Scenes’ campaign, I believe, helped to create a closer bond with their customers; when I see how something is made, I am usually more willing to buy it. Good move Starbucks!

8. Sharpie’s ‘Doodle’ Campaign


Sharpie’s presence on Instagram is quite different from most brands. Instead of featuring photos of their products, Sharpie has decided to post photos of ‘doodles’ (which to me are quite artsy) done with the markers. This campaign demonstrates what the product can do. This approach gives Sharpie an edge as consumers can see more messages than the typical ‘buy my product’ campaign.

9. Levi’s Ad Campaign


Popular clothing brand, Levi’s, used the social media site Instagram to facilitate their campaign to find ‘the new face of Levi’s brand’. Fans were asked to submit their photos with the hashtag #IAMLEVIS for the chance to win and be the star of Levi’s new advertising campaign. This was a very good campaign idea and as a result, they gained thousands of submissions.

10. Gilt City’s #LoveYourCityMore Campaign

Gilt City’s #LoveYourCityMore campaign got fans to show their love for their city. This campaign was done through social media sites Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Fans were to upload photos that they thought best represented their city and use the hashtag #LoveYourCityMore. The best photos were selected and monetary prizes were rewarded.


This campaign got people outside, and exploring and appreciating their city even more. The photos that were uploaded were absolutely amazing and inspiring. I think the campaign turned everyone into talented photographers!

Now that you’ve seen some great ideas, go forth and be social. But don’t forget to be creative!