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Real Entertainment Television (RETV) Social Media Coverage of Reggae Sumfest 2015

Quick Summary

With their competitors Hype TV and BOJ TV doing live coverage of the 12th Annual Reggae Sumfest in Catherine Hall Montego Bay, RETV wanted to ensure that they had social media coverage of Reggae Sumfest Dancehall Night since the station promotes and carries dancehall music and they were also media coverage sponsors. This was to be done on their social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the focus being mainly on Instagram. After the success of Dancehall Night, the client decided that they also wanted coverage for International Nights 1 and 2. This case study represents the IPP execution of a live social media campaign in the area of entertainment.

  • Goal/Problem

To assess if maximum social media coverage was achieved by It’s Pixel Perfect for the project Reggae Sumfest from July 16-19, 2015 across three social media platforms for RETV Jamaica.

  1. Increase RETV’s followers on Instagram by 500 followers.
  2. To provide light coverage on Facebook and Twitter
  3. To provide media (photos & videos) of every performance for each night.
  • Context

What originally should’ve been a 3 day campaign turned into a 5 day campaign. The first two days were used for lead up promotion and ticket giveaways and the last three nights for live social media blogging executed on site at Catherine Hall in Montego Bay. Each night’s coverage varied with a minimum coverage of 8 hours and a maximum of 11 hours. Coverage on Dancehall Night included the use of two live bloggers and coverage on International Nights had one live blogger.

  • Strategy/Tactics

  1. Start the promotion two days before the actual event on all platforms
  2. Provide ongoing, concise and accurate updates of every performance
  3. To promote the Reggae Sumfest Recap that would come on RETV one week later.
  4. Post photos of RETV’s host, Alexia, and publicize her wardrobe sponsor for the weekend, Flirt Boutique.


  • Returns


  • Followers increased by 77 



  • There was no growth shown  on Facebook


RETV’s Instagram followers increased by 542 followers at the end of Reggae Sumfest. On Thursday July 16 before Reggae Sumfest, they had 4,508 followers and on Sunday July 19 they had 5,050 followers.


The following photos were reposted by performing acts at Reggae Sumfest

Common’s Supporting Vocalist Mumu Fresh



The photo of J. Hud in black was taken by RETV (Source: Jennifer Hudson Instagram ) 




Lessons Learned

  • Being further away from the stage in the VIP section gave a wider shot of the stage in photography.
  • Instagram proved to be the best platform for an event such as Reggae Sumfest as during the early hours of the morning (between 1 am – 7 am) interaction on Twitter and Facebook were low.
  • Having one social media manager at the event for International Nights 1 & 2 had its disadvantages as the main stages and the mini stages were too far from each other to go back and forth.
  • Start querying about accreditation/transportation/accommodations at least 3 weeks prior to an event.


Overall the social media coverage on RETV’s social media was successful. 90% of the performances were captured and the quality photos and videos made them stand out among other brands that covered the event. To make an event of this nature be more successful, social media preparation would need to start at least a month before the event.



How Businesses Can Use Vine

By Laurelle Taylor

So your business has Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, & Instagram accounts and you recently started Vining…. How can your businesses use Vine? The trick to Vine is to do what people are doing, get people to do what you are doing (start a trend), incorporate humor, lose all formalities and have fun. The challenge is to do it in 6 seconds. If you want your company’s Vine account to be successful you must find away to merge these things with brand promotion…in 6 seconds. Here are a few ways for your business to use Vine.


  1. Product Promotion: Build a hype around your product. You can try things like making them talk, testimonials, demonstrate cool uses & use products to tell a story. Whatever you decide to do, do it different, make it funny & have fun. For example: if your company is launching “Purple” then you could make a Vine showing “Blue” and “Red” falling in love and having baby “Purple”.

  2. Behind the Scenes: Your company can use Vine as a 6 second back stage pass to what goes on behind the Brand/Product/Face of your company. Show them what happens at work that’s unique and cool about your company. So if you have a chocolate fountain during meetings you might want to do a video called “Chocolate Wasted Meetings” and show staff discussing finances while using the fountain. If you put a lot of planning into something you can show them. You could also have a behind the scenes mini-series on Vine. There’s a lot happening at work, surely you can find 6 seconds of awesomeness.

  3. Sneak Peek: Use Vine as a teaser for new products. Just like when a party is coming up there are ads on the radio so why shouldn’t you do the same with your products. So if you launching a ‘new & improved’ bottle then you can do multiple 6 second teaser videos showing parts of the bottles. Take your followers through the entire journey to the launch of your product. You can even include them in decisions about the product by showing options in videos and asking them to like the one they like the most.

  4. Meet the Staff: Use Vine to allow customers to get to know your staff members. Introduce them to the person responsible for the way how your product label looks (graphic designer). Introduce them to the company photographer. Show them the individuality of your staff members… in 6 seconds.

  5. Show Company Persona– Use Vine to show the personality of your company. If you’re company is a hippie all your videos should have some sort of a hippie element. If your company is tech-y then feature a lot of tech things as props. If your company is all about doing it big then all of your videos need to be over-the-top and dramatic.

  6. Participate in Vine Trends: This will help to boost your followers and views and show that your company is not solely about the brand. Let loose a little and join the fun.

  7. Vine Challenges: You can start your own Vine competition for your followers to compete for a prize. This will increase your followers, views and traffic to your Vine (and Twitter account). You can use this as free promotions of your brand and products.

There are a lot of businesses already using Vine and it’s working in their favor. Every company on social media, especially Vine, is viewed as part of the in-crowd and cool. Stay with the times and sign your company up on Vine.

When Vining Remember:

  • Plan Ahead: Think about what exactly you want to do in your, 6 seconds.

  • It’s OK to Stage Your Vines: You can stage your videos. There’s nothing wrong with it. Most highly followed Vine accounts feature staged videos. Some of the behind the scenes videos and meet the staff videos can be slightly staged.

  • Nothing is Perfect: It’s OK to make mistakes… Vines should be fun and you should have fun making the videos.

  • Don’t Force Humor: Not every Vine post has to be hilarious. So don’t be cheesy. Consult with multiple staff members to find out if an idea is funny.

  • Have Fun!

5 Things We Can Learn from Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail

By Kishmar Shepherd – My Life On Screen

Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge Jay-Z fan. I love his music, his character and what he means to young black men all over the world. To me Jay-Z represents success, triumph over bad situations and constant personal growth.

He has set a good example for anyone to aspire to but today I want to talk about his new Album MCHG and what messages creative people can get from the songs on the album. My boss always says “Success leaves clues” so let’s see what clues we can pick up from the great Hov.

“Bright lights are enticing but look what that did to (Mike) Tyson.” – Holy Grail

Don’t be blinded by your success –

As artists, sometimes we struggle for so long that when success comes we get carried away in it and lose ourselves in the hype. This has happened to a lot of creative people who become successful and find it hard to remain creative or inspired. Remain grounded in the good times and the bad.

“I just want a Picasso in my casa, no my castle.” – Picasso Baby

Aim high and know what you want out of life. In order to reach a destination we must decide where it is we want to go. In the song Jay Z raps about what he wants out of this life, his goals are lavish but at least he knows what he wants and is more likely to get it. Our goals may not be to own a Picasso but we should have some clearly defined goals and say them out loud, don’t be afraid to tell other people what you want. This is part of the speaking into being Christians talk about. What do I want? I want to win an Oscar.

“Don’t be good my ni**a be great” F.U.T.W

Don’t settle for being good, we should always strive for greatness. But what is the difference between good and great, what is that defining piece of the puzzle that takes one from ordinary to extraordinary? For this industry there is a different defining factor, there is not one formula that will work for everything, but one thing is for sure, hard work and never settling will take you further than share talent. Always strive to be greater than you are today and your greatness will come to you.

“My uncle said I’d never sell a million records, I sold a million records about a million times” – Crown

Don’t let other people put parameters on your success. You are not limited by what people say you can do, you are only limited by yourself. People may not always believe in your dream but that does not mean it will not come true. Some of the world’s greatest men were once considered mad for attempting things others thought were impossible. Yet these things have been accomplished through will, power, determination and belief.

“No guilt in giving clear a n**** conscience out, no guilt in receiving, everything within reason.” – Nickels & Dimes

As artists we should not be afraid to give to others without asking for returns. This is not to say we should work for free; or give away what we earn but I believe that everyone in a position to, should help others. The other side of that is that we should not be embarrassed to receive from others. Sometimes we let our pride prevent us from taking gifts, this may come as money or even advice.

And there you have it, my 5 pieces of advice which I got from Jay-Z’s new album. I am sure there are lots more messages we can get from the album along with the great music.

Enjoy the album.