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5 Reasons Women LOVE Snapchat

Snapchat is described as a fun messaging app for sharing moments. You can snap a pic or record a short video and add: a caption, doodle, or even filters! Depending on your settings, friends can view your snaps for up to 10 seconds once or you can add it to your story- meaning it can be viewed by your friends for 24 hours and it disappears forever (unless screenshot via android ;))

Snapchat has been receiving a lot of love. The company hasn’t commented on the size of its fan base, but the fact that it has surpassed the number of daily photo uploads than Facebook is quite a significant feat.

Evan Spiegel, Snapchat’s co-founder, revealed 70 percent of the app’s users are actually women. Who knew there were so many women on snapchat!?

Let’s finally get into the meat of the matter; what do women love about it so much?

  1. It helps to perk up your day. There is nothing better than getting a funny snap from a friend when you are feeling down.


2. It’s texting on crack! Imagine being able to take a shot of exactly what    you’re talking about, and then, add a doodle and/or add a caption?!


3. POOF it’s GONE! Unlike other platforms the longest snapchat stores an image or video for is 24 hours. Because of this you don’t feel as self conscious when you are posting.


4. Did someone say ugly selfie?! It’s so much fun to send ugly selfies with your friends knowing it won’t come back to haunt you later! Having an ugly selfie competition with your friends is a great way to kill boredom. 


5. It shows snippets of your life in motion. Want to show your friends that concert you went to? Now you can! Want to make them see the sights in another country? You can do that too! Snapchat is so quick and easy that you can post or send so many snaps in very little time. Unlike other apps it’s effortless and doesn’t require time deliberating what the best caption would be because the next day you will rewind to zero anyway. 



6. We decided to throw you a freebie – cuz well, we love you  guys – so why not?! With the new snapchat update you can ‘tun up’ your selfies to a different level. It’s hard to resist not having hearts in your eyes when you see that burger you’ve been craving- it’s only appropriate for this feature to be added. We are glad Snapchat has incorporated more ways to get insane selfies, in the mix!




Chatting Snaps: 8 Tips and Tricks for Snapchat (Android)

Snapchat is more than just taking photos and doing short videos. The app allows you to express yourself creatively through your snapstory which is available for viewing for 24 hours. A SnapStory is a photo or video you post to your very own Stories section (or feed) of your account, which is visible by you and all your friends. Here are a few basic tips and tricks to make your Snapchat experience easier.

Tip #1:Use the volume buttons to take a pic or record a video

Finding it difficult to take photos with the main button on Snapchat especially if you have a large cellphone? No worries, use the volume up or down button to record your videos or take your selfie. No setting change, just one click for your photo and press and hold to record your videos.

Trick #1: The 50/50 Filter Trick

If you want to get creative with your snaps, you can apply two filters at one time. To do so, you pick the filter you want and slide the second filter to split the image.

Step 1: Take photo

Step 2: Slide to filters – half, quarter (whatever the contrast you many desire)

Step 3: click the pencil (press the undo button to remove any marks)

Step 4: add caption and post to story

Watch the 50/50 Filter video to see this awesomeness


Use of the 50/50 Filter Source: Kadeen Brown
Use of the 50/50 Filter
Source: Kadeen Brown 


Tip #2: How to have coloured text

Why have plain boring white captions on your snaps when you can choose from 22 colours available? Having coloured text will definitely make your snaps seem more fun and the text will stand out.

Step 1: Write your caption after taking the photo in the box

Step 2: Hold down on the text button and colours will appear

Step 3: Choose colour of choice

P.S. If you want to use multiple colours, highlight the word or letter and select the colour of your choice.

Coloured Text 

Trick #2: Screenshot without notifying the sender

Snapchat typically notifies the sender whenever a user screenshot their snaps, however what if you could screenshot a snap without the sender knowing? Sure there are apps such as SnapSeeker and SaveMySnaps that can do that for you, but you really don’t need an app to do this.

Step 1: Load SnapStory for the person whose snaps you want to watch or screenshot

Step 2: Put phone on airplane mode

Step 3: Play SnapStory

Step 4: Swipe screen from right to left or left to right or press power button + home button to screenshot.

Gotcha! No notification sent 🙂 #Lurking #CreepSquad

Trick #3. Draw with opacity on doodles

This feature is only available on Android and is very easy to use. You can draw in transparent colors by pressing down on the rainbow color bar until it comes up with the full color bar. Then you can simply select transparent and use that to draw.

Still not sure how to use it after reading the above, watch the video How to use Opacity like a Pro


Using opacity on doodles

Trick #4: Snapchat’s new selfie lenses

Snapchat’s latest update provided 14 selfie lenses which added a creative yet quirky twist to selfies. When you’re using the camera to take a selfie, just press and hold on your face to activate Lenses. You can play with Lenses before taking a Snap — just select one from the row at the bottom and follow the on-screen instructions.


6 of 14 Snapchat’s Selfie Lenses

Tip #3: How to take a selfie from a distance

Sometimes you want to take a selfie without having that awkward hand in the way. Using your earphones (one with the volume buttons)

Watch the video “Long Distance Snapchat Selfies” for more


Tip #4: How to delete Snapchat Account Permanently

To delete your account , there is only one possible option. You must visit the dedicated section of the official website (www.accounts.snapchat.com) and un-subscribe. Once on the website, you just have to login with your credentials and click on the button “Delete my account.” However, be sure to think twice before you “delete my account.” Once it is deleted, you cannot reactivate it and you will be obliged to create a new account one if you want to reuse the application. 

Snapchat Delete Account

Those were 8 tips and tricks to make your Snapchat experience more fun and to make it easier using an Android. Kindly note that most Snapchat Tips and Tricks do not work with the older Android OS. It must have at least Android 5.0. Hope these were helpful..happy Snapping!

P.s We also have a Snapchat, for It’s Pixel Perfect Adventures, follow us on Snapchat @itspixelperfect 



What Is Vine?

By Laurelle Taylor


Since recently, I’ve noticed a shift in social media sites from having multiple features (each having equal significance) to sites having one primary focus with a few additional features. In other words we’ve gone from MySpace, Hi5 & Facebook(which is still relevant but I suspect won’t be around much longer) focusing on status, photo, & video updates (along with a bag of other random things) to Twitter-status, Instagram-photos, & YouTube-videos. While Twitter is big on what you think and say, and while it does allow it’s users to upload videos and photos, it’s not what it is known for and therefore they don’t need to compete with YouTube or Instagram. A singular focus is the smartest thing social media has ever done because users are getting tired of the constant changes social media sites (Facebook!!) make to match up to it’s competitors. However, there’s a new kid on the social media block, Vine, which focuses on 6 second video snippets that users upload to their ‘vine’ for other users who are ‘vining’ to see.


Vine started in 2012 as a mobile video sharing app for iOS devices which allows users to create and ‘Vine’ video clips up 6 seconds long and was acquired shortly after by Twitter who launched it for Android devices 2 weeks ago (June 2) and has taken it to where it is now. Videos can only be made with an in-app camera which only records when the user touches their phone’s screen. After a video is made into a ‘vine’ it can be hashtagged, posted on the users Vine profile/homescreen and is then played in a continuous loop. Persons ‘following’ your vine account can then comment on your vine or click a smiley face ‘like’ button and can be viewed directly in the user’s Twitter timeline.



At first, when you think about a site dedicated solely to people posting 6 second videos it sounds pretty stupid. I mean, what exactly can you achieve in 6 seconds that can be anything of substance? Why can’t I make my own 6 second video and upload it? Why do I have to use the in-app camera?
However, it’s not until you see someone elses Vine that you can truly appreciate the greatness that is Vining.

Vining is like a game and the rules a simple:
You have 6 seconds to record whatever you want.
You can only use the in-app camera.
You can only make 1 Vine at a time.
The camera only records when you touch the screen.
It’s up to you how you decide to follow them.

Ultimately, Vine:
Challenges the user’s creativity.
Forces the user to be concise, simple & to the point.
Makes user the editor & director of a 6 second story.

What does this all mean?
The idea of Vine is to capture different short instances which make up the 6 seconds of the video. It allows users to animate an object or create a stop motion or gif effect when making videos as the videos can depict sudden movement or time lapse.
eg. I want to make a vine showing how a triangle is made:
draw the first side, press my phone screen for two second (seconds 1-2),
draw the second side, press my phone screen again for two seconds (seconds 3-4)
draw the third and last side of the triangle and then press my phone screen for two seconds (seconds 5-6).
This video wouldn’t show the entire process of drawing the triangle because it only records when I touch the screen. It would show the 3 sides of a triangle appearing on the paper, seemingly out of nowhere.

Vine Lingo:
Vine: (n)your account, (n)each individual video
Vining: verb form of Vine eg. It’s Pixel Perfect is now Vining! Follow our Vine account at “Its Pixel Perfect”
Vine Gets a Thumbs Up!
Vine is not the next big thing, it is the big thing and it’s getting bigger by the second! Download the app today and start Vining!