5 Content Marketing Trends for 2014

2014 “Content marketing topped the digital priority list in 2013, according to Econsultancy’s annual survey. Yet just 64% of marketers agree that content marketing is set to “become its own discipline”, while only 38% of companies have a defined content marketing strategy in place. Just 34% have dedicated budgets to it and only 46% have dedicated staff for it, judging by the results of the Econsultancy/Outbrain Content Marketing Survey 2013.”

Friedlein A., (2014, Jan 8), Marketing Week

We are now in 2014. Content marketing is becoming even more of a priority for businesses. To achieve your monetarygoals of growth, sales, profit and success inbusiness by using content marketing, you must be aware of the trends in order to bring the best value to your customers.

Let’s discuss 5 Content Marketing Trends for this year

1. Create content that is accessible on all platforms

Thinking ahead for maximum consumption, discoverability and engagement. ‘On the go’/mobile-friendly content has to be the basis of content creation this year. This includes being able to predict which devices your customers will use to access your information, so that you can create and tailor the content to suit your customer’s needs. Compatible user-friendly products for easy viewership is a must.

2. Think like a journalist, achieve the goals of a marketer

Story-telling is the basis of content marketer. Who should have better command of stories than journalists? Marketers are taught how to creatively sell or entice, journalists are taught how to creatively present information which is content. Imagine if you combined both.

 3. Accept the use of content marketing

Some businesses use it and don’t realise that they are using it, or have used a combination of the content marketing strategies but are using them incorrectly. 2014 should see businesses being able to define content marketing and also make more effective uses of it as part of their ongoing marketing strategies. Having a facebook/twitter account with few posts or only sales pitches isn’t enough, neither is a youtube page that has not been recently updated. Additionally, this will see the change in job titles at some companies to titles with the word “content” in it. Positions like “Director of Content” or “Chief Content Creator” are in the horizon.

Click here to watch an episode from Azan’s Home Adventures, showing how they use content marketing 

4. Automation of content will be the demise of businesses or won’t it?

This trend is a toss up. Yes we love the easy way out. But content creation is time intensive. It is your devoted time that allows you to create impeccable content. Trying to link all your content together for one dissemination is in fact laziness for fast sharing, rather than putting out the same content but in different ways to suit the various platforms. Don’t lose sight of the personalized, customer-focused approach that is unique to content marketing. On the other hand, some marketers think that being able to create a unified platform that can send out the same content and aid in fast sharing is the best things for the business.

5. Use of visual content

Customers like to be engaged and will gladly read your content once it is in a user-friendly format. The use of infographics, video content and short webinars make it easier for persons to consume the content, and it is presented in an interesting and entertaining way. It’s not just words on a page like blogs, facebook and twitter posts, or a newsletter.

unnamed (1)

See other infographic examples here

Content marketing is exactly what companies are using now and those who aren’t are quickly catching on. We must be able to keep up with the changes that affect our social space. Can these trends work in 2014? Have you started using any of them? Do you disagree with any of these listed trends? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

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