8 Ways to Maximise Your LinkedIn Presence

LinkedIn is THE professional social networking platform and also your online resume.

Have you joined?

Have you been getting invites?

LinkedIn has rapidly become the social networking site for businesses, professionals and recently college students. However, some young professionals and college students do not see the purpose of having a LinkedIn account. Or, if they do have one, it is outdated or doesn’t have the necessary tools to catch the attention of recruiters or clients.

Here are 8 ways to maximise your LinkedIn profile to properly manage your professional identity.

1. Use an appropriate profile photo

LinkedIn is all about professionalism so your profile photo should portray just that.  You need a photo that screams “Hey, I’m work material”. Use a photo that will catch the eyes of prospective employers or clients; in a good way.

So don’t use that lovely selfie that everybody liked on Instagram, that group photo you cropped because you looked good, a picture with poor lighting, one with your hand in the picture because you took it yourself, or that photo of you having a nice relaxing day at the beach.

Try using a black and white photo; there is something very classy about a black and white photo or a photo in business/ professional work attire.

     http://linkedinprofileservice.co/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/best-linkedin-financial-profile-example-300x200.jpg   Good LinkedIn Profile Photo


Bad LinkedIn         Profile Photo


2. Have a great headline

This would be like your personal branding. Use keywords that can be easily optimized in search engines. For example: “Marketer”, “Hardworking”,   “Experienced”. Use titles and descriptions that potential employees or clients are likely to search for.

Can “Twerk Team Champ” be in your title? Absolutely Not!http://financialsocialmedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/amy_linkedin_blog.png

3. Good Summary

Write your summary in such a tone as if you and the reader are having a conversation. Your summary should make the reader want to have a business relationship with you. This is where you can give people an opportunity to see who you are, your background, your goals and additional places they can find you online or contact you. An interesting summary creates an interested recruiter. This will increase your chances of being contacted.

4. Utilize the Skills/Expertise Section

Make sure to add skills that are relevant to your career or business, and skills that your colleagues or clients can endorse. If you aren’t receiving any endorsements, then I guess you’re not as skilled as you think or people don’t know of your existence in that area. Oh no! That’s never a good thing.

5. Join groups

Even though, it is a professional network, LinkedIn is still a social media network. Joining LinkedIn groups gives you an opportunity to meet and network with like-minded professionals who are constantly sharing information.

For college graduates or job-seekers, two groups to join are: “Job Openings, Job Leads and Job Connections” & “A Job Needed – A Job Posted

6. Use Photos and Videos

Don’t just talk about the work you’ve done, show it under your list of experiences. The use of photos and videos is an excellent way of showing how awesome your work is. It’s also a good way of attracting clients and investments.

7. Utilise LinkedIn Applications

Enhance your profile with applications that show off your work and interests. If you are a writer then you can add WordPress with samples of your previous articles. Slideshare or Box.netapp are great apps for photographers or videographers. Applications will allow you to embed your work onto your profile and make you stand out to recruiters even more.

8. Add Recent Contact Information

So a client or employer sees your awesome LinkedIn profile and wants to get in contact with you right away. HOWEVER there is no contact information available on your profile. If you are someone who doesn’t sign into LinkedIn very often then you’ll miss out on potential jobs. Make sure to have current contact information on your profile. You don’t need to put a phone number but definitely at least an email address. Don’t put an email address that you don’t use anymore and do ensure that it’s professional. ganjaman876@yahoo.com and hawtgyalshelly@hotmail.com? … I think not.


Regardless of whether you are in business, a budding entrepreneur, new to the working world or mostly do non-profit work, LinkedIn is a very good networking tool to help you achieve your professional goals. Unlike Facebook and Twitter which allow for personal networking, LinkedIn encourages professional networking. LinkedIn is heavily used by HR managers and new businesses looking for partners or new opportunities. It is in your best interest to have a professional LinkedIn profile set up.  Take advantage of this medium. LinkedIn encourages users to provide a highly professional look to their resume and/or profile on the networking site.

Follow these 8 tips and you would have definitely maximised your LinkedIn profiles, guaranteed to catch the eyes of the corporate world recruiters.



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