No Matter Your Status #LoveMore

In a relationship? Single? Married? Confused?

Separated? On the side? Divorced? Lonely?

No matter your status #LoveMore

Love More Banner

The #LoveMore campaign was designed and launched by IPP to reduce, demolish, obliterate, torpedo, flatten the international stereotypical behaviour of only outwardly showing love and appreciation on February 14, birthdays or anniversaries.

Loving is a social gesture, a form of companionship and should not be limited to persons involved in a sexual relationship. So, IPP took to social media and found five persons who only had two things in common: they were on twitter and are involved in the media. Why media personalities? They are exposed to diverse groups of persons and they either tweet often or have many followers. And since the campaign doubled as an internal competition for the team members of IPP, the latter was extremely useful.

IPP was in the process of restructuring and a good team building exercise is friendly competition. The #LoveMore campaign was initially intentioned to be organized by all members of the team. The good leader, Mr. Managing Director, realized that some members of the team were not getting as involved and as enthused as he would have hoped. So … how do you fix that? You let your members compete with each other- divide and conquer. Now you have two teams (#TeamPurple and #TeamBlue), each with three members given the task of executing individual group campaigns for two days each, during the week February 11-14.

Charged with the uphill battle of sourcing guest presenters, compiling a plan (outlined with hashtags, questions, images) and promoting the twitter chat; the teams even found themselves persuading the same personalities.

#TeamBlue featured Intense host, Talia Soares; Vlogger and Singer, Toni Blair; and Socialite and Event Promoter, Marlon ‘Musique’ Campbell. Diversity proved strong for #teamblue as they featured a male during their campaign. Promotion by their guests saw the increase in followers and interactions  during the campaign. Campbell’s girlfriend joined in on the chat confirming her likes and dislikes, when he was asked about things in their relationship. Lack of retweets in hashtags like #vdaysinglesplaylist and #loveyourself and the late start and lack of advisory before the chat with Talia, were faults noticed by the very critical twitter public.

Off to a great start with guest and entertainer, Denyque, #teampurple outshined #teamblue with their followers when comparing both teams on their first days. #TeamPurple also managed to snag the lovely Fi Wi Choice host, Amita as their other guest. Relationship pet peeves, cheating in relationships and heartbreak featured the discussion with both females. Twitter jail, lack of organization and scarcity in engagement on valentines day were downfalls of this team.

The teams overall contributed to the 562 retweets and the 21% increase in followers over the four day period. An amazing combined effort for campaigns planned in three days.

The edge in the victory went to #teamblue who were able to demonstrate good organization and good follow through in documented plans. However, competition and celebrations aside, let us not forget the underlying purpose of the campaign.

#LoveMore represents love for self, friends, family, acquaintances, team members, country. It represents pride, commitment, sacrifice and patience. And it most definitely lasts 24/7 365 days a year.


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