Lessons Learned: What Jamaican Promo Girls Can Teach You About Business

glenford scott

Many of us think of promotional girls as just scantily clad women who go around at events and use their sex appeal to get you to buy whatever they are promoting, but if you look past the revealing clothing (as hard as that may be) these girls can teach us some valuable lessons about business.

Everyday I try my best to extract a few lessons and learn from life experiences as I go along, so I can become a true student of life, this post is inspired by the time I spent in Negril for the independence weekend at RTI. From my trip to RTI I observed and interacted with a few promotional teams for the weekend event namely Rough Rider Condoms and Boom Energy Drink promotional girls and at all the parties I observed how just a small group of promo girls can control the entire vibe of an…

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