7 Things To Do During College To Gain Experience

By Oshane Reid – Reid Reality

Do not wait until you leave college to gain experience. These are 7 things to do to position yourself for a better working life after college.

Part-Time Jobs
Seek employment when you have free time and on weekends. This will provide much needed experience and put extra cash in your pocket.

Seek internships during summer and on holiday breaks. We are young vacations shouldn’t be our top priority at the moment. Experience is what really matters.

Volunteerism is of paramount importance, one can garner wealth of opportunities from this while playing a vital role in your society.

Work on Campus
There are jobs on campus, but you have to search and enquire about these opportunities. In addition, try and seek these opportunities as soon as possible because they are limited, go even before the semester starts.

Leadership & Student Organisation
Join clubs and societies, this will provide much needed networking and build productive relationships. Participate in extra-curricular activities as well to further grow your network and contribute to your University.

Do I need to stress this? Get around, shake hands, meet new people and build your connections. It used to be “who you know” but it has changed to “who knows you”.

Meet New People From Different Backgrounds
This will give you a wider scope of life and appreciation for different backgrounds. In addition, ideas can be manifested to build empires and Fortune 500 companies.

By O’Shane Reid



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