10 Jamaican brands to “Like” on Facebook

By Laurelle Taylor

Let me first start by pointing out to companies that it is no longer (it really has never been) acceptable to have your company as a person on Facebook (who I send a friend request). If you’re going to use Facebook, use it properly, start a page (that people ‘Like’) for your company…Please! Facebook integrates certain statistics, which are important to note in social media marketing, right above the page in an admin panel. It also allows you to add additional page admins, whose power/freedom you can set. Trust me all of this makes your life easier and allows for you to micro-manage and delegate the labor required to have a successful page.


Okay now for matters at hand

The first thing I thought about when trying to come up with good brands to ‘Like’ on Facebook I asked myself what do people go on Facebook to do these days. A few things jumped out in my head:

  • Find a party or event to go to.

  • Look at pictures.

  • Sell (or trade) their almost always ‘mint condition 9/10 price negotiable’ phone.

  • Enter some random competition and spam friends with ‘click like on this for me plzzzzz’ messages.

  • STALK PEOPLE (we ALL do it at some point or another).

Now, among all that noise there’s quite a few brands that manage to stand out and have an effective & consistent Facebook page. As usual I’ve come up with a list of my own criteria which are as follows:

  • Page must have frequent posts (Daily – 4 out of every 5 days).

  • Posts made by brand must include texts, photos & videos (emphasis on the first 2).

  • PERSONALITY! Posts must be interactive and not robotic.

  • Brand must respond to posts made by others on the page.

  • Page should not just be about ‘promo’ and ‘selling’. (say good morning, ask them how their day is going)

  • Utilize tabs well (no which tabs to put first in addition to customized tabs).

So here are a few Jamaican brands worth ‘Like’ –ing on Facebook:

  • Babeelicious – now this place is everything babies and while I don’t have one of my own (or one on the way soon) their page makes me want to buy baby stuff in advance. Babeelicious interacts by responding to comments made and posting general information about babies (not just the products they sell). What I like about their page is that they incorporate their other social media accounts right into their page. They post their vlog posts on their Facebook page and also include advice for mothers. I especially like that Babeelicious indicates when their products are made in Jamaica. They didn’t have to do it & to me this is a selling point. The Babeelicious page makes you just want to buy something! This is one page worth the ‘Like’.


  • The Jamaica Biscuit Company Ltd. –  Now this brand is truly Jamaica from the product itself (Sings: XLCR Water Crackers!) to the patois they use when captioning posts. The Jamaica Biscuit Company keeps fans interested in what their next post will be. They have frequent competitions which their fans actively participate in. Their page is updated consistently with multi-media communication efforts which show the value they have for Social Media. This Jamaican brand has every intention of using Facebook to push their already successful brand and product which makes this page is  worth your ‘Like’.


  • Petals & Promises – As soon as you walk through the Petals & Promises virtual door you fall in love. This brand is all about weddings and love. Wedding cakes and floral arrangements for weddings. Their page includes photos and links to the products they offer in addition marriage tips and love quotes. Petals & Promises even post asking fans what they think about certain ideas for cakes and other products (client input is important) and interact with them as much as they can. If you’re planning a wedding or in the mood for love (which you can never really go wrong with love in your news feed) ‘Like’ the Petals & Promises Facebook page.

Petals & Promises

  • KFC Jamaica – Now, if you can’t acknowledge that there is KFC Jamaica.. then you’re not from Jamaica. KFC Jamaica is like a ‘cook shop’ that has done so well it’s a franchise. KFC has been around in Jamaica so long that a lot of us (yes me included) thought it was actually Jamaican and not a franchise. Their page has frequent posts asking fans for feedback on the various meals offered. Their posts have a high reach and frequency resulting from their 386,000+ fans sharing their posts with others. It’s also important to note that they respond to most comments both positive and negative while maintaining the KFC persona we all know and love. Whatever you think about KFC you can’t keep a good brand down and KFC Jamaica’s Facebook page is proof and reason you should ‘Like’ them.


  • Club Intuition – Club Intuition is a store that offers everything fashion. They posts photos and links to trendy styles for ladies. They also make recommendations for certain style options while asking fans what they think about certain looks. Club Intuition challenges every female to be the diva that she is by staying on top of the latest trends. They interact with their fans who like and dislike style possibilities indicating they value the feedback while maintaining the personality of a fashionista/diva. Club Intuition is worth your ‘Like’.

Club Intuition

  • Dominos Pizza Jamaica – I know that you might have a bitter feeling when you see Dominos on this list but hear me out please. Now, I’m a faithful (FAITHFUL!) Dominos Pizza lover but I understand the Pizza struggle in Jamaica is often times real. However, the Dominos Pizza Jamaica Facebook page is really good. It has menu and store locations tabs, posts pictures of pizzas (that don’t look fake), interact with their fans and maintain a high level of posting frequency.  I get that I might be biased but I ask you to look for yourself. ‘Like’ the Dominos Pizza Jamaica Facebook page.


  • Digicel Jamaica – Quite like their Twitter page Digicel Jamaica’s Facebook page is the epitome of active (maybe too active lol). With service promotions about new deals, pictures of posters, credit giveaways and just checking in on their family (as they’re called), Digicel Jamaica’s Facebook page is one to ‘Like’. They utilize all the features Facebook has to offer enabling them to maximize their reach with a virtually unbeatable frequency. They allow for customer feedback (good or bad) which indicates their openness to change. They maintain the personality of a Jamaican family member and force their competition to step up to the plate. ‘Like’ the Digicel Jamaica Facebook page…if you haven’t already.


  • Rough Rider Jamaica – Now, Rough Rider’s social media presence is commendable. They have a faithful Twitter following and a dedicated fan base of Rough Riders (as they’re called). Hosted by Desire the Rough Rider page has persona and is all about ‘interaction’. Rough Rider’s page has frequent posts which include pictures of the product, meme’s, and Sex Tips which “Rough Riders” share with their friends increasing the reach that the Rough Rider Facebook page has. While the content borders XXX Rough Rider is still worth your ‘Like’ on Facebook.

Rough Rider

  • Azans – It might be quite a shock to some people to find out that Azans not only has a Facebook page but has a good one too. The Azans Facebook page is both multi-media and interactive. The Facebook page has all of Azans’ other social media profiles integrated in it which shows they have an excellent command of social media. They post Azans Home Adventures videos on their Facebook page to get Azanytes (as they are called) to come to their page often and stay for long. They show what their products can be used to do which is an excellent example of integrated marketing communications. Go to the Azans Facebook page and click ‘Like’ the next time you log in.


  • Fly Jamaica Airways – Fly Jamaica is a Jamaican owned (yes! We own something) airline which makes trips to Guyana, New York and Toronto (from Jamaica of course). Their page is updated frequently with posts about things that are iconic in Jamaican (such as Norman Manley Airport when we could watch the plain land back in the day). This increases the level of interactions and encourages their fans to actively participate in the Fly Jamaica Facebook page experience. Next time you travel to Facebook remember the Fly Jamaica Airways page is waiting for you to ‘Like’ them.

FLy Jamaica

These were just a few brands that I would recommend you ‘Like’ on Facebook (I came up with way more). However, what I will say to any brand with a Facebook page is utilize Facebook. If you can’t be bothered to do the work feel free to ‘Like’ the It’s Pixel Perfect Facebook page where we make posts recommending what your brand can do to better utilize social media and Facebook. Interact with your fans by making frequent (not spam) posts about your brands AND things that are not obviously aimed at selling something. Ask your fans how their day is going. Ask them what they want to see your brand do next and by all means respond to their comments (especially the bad one which get you more cool points in my opinion when dealt with properly). The point of Social Media is to become social. Communication is not one way, but rather involves dialogue which social media offers.



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