Following your Passion


My Life on Screen

On Wednesday June 28 I attended an event titled: Goodbye University, Hello Unemployment. There were many notable persons there who made presentations for young graduates to do more than just look for a job, but to create an industry. Many suggestions were thrown out to the large audience on how to innovate and earn significant salaries through conventional and unconventional means. I stood there and listened but no one mentioned passion. So I did.

When the questions for the panel came I asked them “What about pursuing passion and looking for your life’s fulfillment there”. Of course many people retorted: “well you need money to survive and passion won’t pay the bills,” but I don’t see why the two cannot be intertwined.

One of my former colleagues from CARIMAC came to the mic and challenged my statements, I listened and took her comments, I saw her point of view and after…

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