Instagram Video VS Vine: Which is better? A Comparison

By Glenford Scott – GSCOTTY.COM 

The battle has heated up to extreme levels between Instagram and Vine or on a larger scale Facebook and Twitter with last week’s announcement from Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom of their new video feature. It sent twitter into a frenzy with #RIPvine trending for the entire day and a legion of loyalists from both Instagram and Vine claiming #TeamVine and #TeamInstagram, can’t we all just get along? “Which one should we choose?” is the question at hand, So let’s dive in and take a more in depth look at both mobile video offerings.


Length: 15 secs vs 6 secs 

Instagram’s new video feature gives users the ability to shoot videos for up to 15 seconds compared to Vine’s 6 second limit. This gives users a lot of time to make creative videos or it could give users more time to make long boring videos of themselves doing different poses and making duck faces.

I don’t see Vine changing it’s 6 second limit anytime soon, it’s very twitter-esque and it challenges users to make use of the limited time and think outside the box and people have been doing so in some incredible ways. We all complained about 140 characters initially and now we can’t stop tweeting.

The length really boils down to the attention span of users.


Shooting: Red button + Focus vs Touch Screen

For shooting videos on Instagram your presented with a big red button you hold on to begin recording, it’s not the best to me as it has it’s bugs and doesn’t respond as quickly as I’d want to but the trade off is that you can focus on an object in the shot by holding your finger on the screen. It also has a blue line at the bottom of the shot to let you know how much time you’ve use up.

For vine the shooting process is pretty straight forward you simply hold a finger on the screen to begin recording and take it off when you wanna stop. It also has a line on the bottom of the shot to let you know how much time you’ve used up in Vine’s signature green.


Editing: Delete clip + Filters + Thumbnail + Cinema vs No Editing, Drafts in near future 

What I think is the coolest feature of Instagram Video is the fact that you can delete a bad clip or to be more specific you can delete the most recent clip taken and do it over, it also has as expected by all filters, 13 in all that you can apply to your video to give it that vintage look that instagram pictures are known for. When you’ve recorded your video you can choose a thumbnail that best represents the video that will show up in the instagram feed like a picture before playing.

Instagram’s Cinema feature, which helps stabilize video shot within the app. Though image stabilization software is said to sacrifice image quality in other ways, most of the time, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem for Instagram’s ever-growing user base. Instagram filters, brightness settings, etc. certainly mess with a photo’s quality enough to begin with, but with the reward of looking tanner, or capturing an unnaturally blue sky.


Vine doesn’t have much to offer on the editing part of things as once you’ve messed up a vine midway you just have to start. Vine did however preview a few new features the day of Instagrams announcement that showed the ability to have vine drafts that you can get back to later.

Sharing: Facebook, Twitter(no twitter card), email, tumblr, foursquare vs Twitter (play on twitter) and Facebook.

Sharing options remain the same for both apps, but Instagram has Vine topped on this front. Where Vine only lets you share to Vine, Facebook, and Twitter, Instagram lets you share videos to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and foursquare, as well as through email.

However, it’s worth remembering that Twitter’s Vine has full Twitter card support, meaning Vines display right in your Twitter stream, whilst Instagram videos do not.

Communities: Instagram has 130 million + 1 billion Facebook vs Vine has 13 million + 500 million twitter

Instagram and Facebook both have bigger communities than their direct competitors with instagram having 10 times the audience that Vine has so it can easily introduce this feature and remove the want of a seperate video service from their users. Facebook doubles the userbase of twitter but Facebook has reached it’s peak to me as twitter is still rapidly growing.
My thoughts are that both Instagram and Vine will grow to have large and engaging communities and that this does not spell the death of Vine, just like the rise of  Twitter didn’t spell the death of Facebook. To me it seems Instagram = YouTube and Vine = Vimeo. One for the masses, One for the creatives. #TeamSocialMedia


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