What Is Vine?

By Laurelle Taylor


Since recently, I’ve noticed a shift in social media sites from having multiple features (each having equal significance) to sites having one primary focus with a few additional features. In other words we’ve gone from MySpace, Hi5 & Facebook(which is still relevant but I suspect won’t be around much longer) focusing on status, photo, & video updates (along with a bag of other random things) to Twitter-status, Instagram-photos, & YouTube-videos. While Twitter is big on what you think and say, and while it does allow it’s users to upload videos and photos, it’s not what it is known for and therefore they don’t need to compete with YouTube or Instagram. A singular focus is the smartest thing social media has ever done because users are getting tired of the constant changes social media sites (Facebook!!) make to match up to it’s competitors. However, there’s a new kid on the social media block, Vine, which focuses on 6 second video snippets that users upload to their ‘vine’ for other users who are ‘vining’ to see.


Vine started in 2012 as a mobile video sharing app for iOS devices which allows users to create and ‘Vine’ video clips up 6 seconds long and was acquired shortly after by Twitter who launched it for Android devices 2 weeks ago (June 2) and has taken it to where it is now. Videos can only be made with an in-app camera which only records when the user touches their phone’s screen. After a video is made into a ‘vine’ it can be hashtagged, posted on the users Vine profile/homescreen and is then played in a continuous loop. Persons ‘following’ your vine account can then comment on your vine or click a smiley face ‘like’ button and can be viewed directly in the user’s Twitter timeline.



At first, when you think about a site dedicated solely to people posting 6 second videos it sounds pretty stupid. I mean, what exactly can you achieve in 6 seconds that can be anything of substance? Why can’t I make my own 6 second video and upload it? Why do I have to use the in-app camera?
However, it’s not until you see someone elses Vine that you can truly appreciate the greatness that is Vining.

Vining is like a game and the rules a simple:
You have 6 seconds to record whatever you want.
You can only use the in-app camera.
You can only make 1 Vine at a time.
The camera only records when you touch the screen.
It’s up to you how you decide to follow them.

Ultimately, Vine:
Challenges the user’s creativity.
Forces the user to be concise, simple & to the point.
Makes user the editor & director of a 6 second story.

What does this all mean?
The idea of Vine is to capture different short instances which make up the 6 seconds of the video. It allows users to animate an object or create a stop motion or gif effect when making videos as the videos can depict sudden movement or time lapse.
eg. I want to make a vine showing how a triangle is made:
draw the first side, press my phone screen for two second (seconds 1-2),
draw the second side, press my phone screen again for two seconds (seconds 3-4)
draw the third and last side of the triangle and then press my phone screen for two seconds (seconds 5-6).
This video wouldn’t show the entire process of drawing the triangle because it only records when I touch the screen. It would show the 3 sides of a triangle appearing on the paper, seemingly out of nowhere.

Vine Lingo:
Vine: (n)your account, (n)each individual video
Vining: verb form of Vine eg. It’s Pixel Perfect is now Vining! Follow our Vine account at “Its Pixel Perfect”
Vine Gets a Thumbs Up!
Vine is not the next big thing, it is the big thing and it’s getting bigger by the second! Download the app today and start Vining!


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