Top 10 users to follow on Vine

By Renee Elizabeth Gauntlett


Twitter’s new social media app Vine has taken the world by storm. Users make and enjoy short videos ranging from what I call plain idleness to actually very intriguing animations. For the best of Vine, here are ten users you MUST follow.

1. Pinot

If you like art and animation, you will definitely get hooked on Pinot’s Vine. Pinot is an artist that uses the simplest of things, such as two-dimensional drawings (that are actually very good), to create interesting and unexpected 6-second stories.

2. Meagan Cignoli

The best word to describe Meagan Cignoli is unique. As a fashion photographer, she takes everyday life in the industry and turns it into creative Vines.

3. Matt Swinsky

Matt Swinsky takes on the character Lazer in a theatrical series of ‘Freddy vs Jason – type’ Vines. These Vines are very engaging for 6-second videos. Beware! This is not for the weak-hearted.

4. Tyler the Creator

I love this guy! If you want a good laugh and have a good sense of humour, follow Tyler the Creator on Vine. In just a few weeks, Tyler has gained over 1 million followers who love him for his comedic videos. Follow and you will see why.

5. Khoa

Khoa, as he describes himself, is a creative tech geek. His Vines are based on paper animations that are surprisingly quite captivating. While watching, I guarantee you’ll stop and say “Wait…how did he do that?” His Vines may even give you some creative ideas of your own.

6. Kevin Hart

We all know Kevin Hart for his appearance in movies, TV shows and stand-up comedy. He is iconic for his short stature and opposing loud character. If you’re having a bad day and need cheering up, you can always depend on Kevin Hart’s Vines to make you laugh!

7. Yelldesign

Artists and designers will love following Yelldesign on Vine. Their short videos are full of unique animations and designs that will keep you locked to the page. Always a good watch!

8. Kurt Braunohler

Kurt Braunohler is what I call ‘idle with a purpose’. Kurt’s crazy videos are always a joy to watch, especially on a bleak day. If you like pranks and jokes, follow Kurt Braunohler on Vine.

9. Jethro Ames

Your mom always told you not to play with your food, but what if your food creations made you famous? Among other things, Jetho Ames has made good use of his food on Vine. These Vines will have you thinking differently about the simple things surrounding you.

10. Rudy MancusoIf he’s not acting out in the street, Rudy Mancuso is making Vines with his mom (weird, right?). If you like corny stuff like I do, you should definitely follow Rudy Mancuso on Vine. Corny can be fun.


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