Inbound Marketing vs. Content Marketing

Yesterday on twitter, It’s Pixel Perfect (IPP) was tagged in a post, by the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship-Caribbean, with the question:

“Is Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing the same?”

We responded, but 140 characters wasn’t suffice. And so here we are in the midst of the war between Hubspot and Content Marketing Institute. No they are not really fighting (at least we hope not), but the stakes for supremacy in the marketing industry are high.

Everyone wants to know if they are different, others use the terms interchangeably, some say one is the foundation for the other, others think you don’t need to know if they are the same – what should be important is that you are using marketing techniques available to achieve your results.

cm & im

The similarities between the two are glaring however the differences are blurry, so we concluded that the best way to tackle the question was to research and include in this discussion, the thoughts of ‘THE’ marketers who introduced us to the two concepts.

  • Hubspot defines inbound marketing as:

“Instead of the old outbound marketing methods of buying ads, buying email lists, and praying for leads, inbound marketing focuses on creating quality content that pulls people toward your company and product, where they naturally want to be. By aligning the content you publish with your customer’s interests, you naturally attract inbound traffic that you can then convert, close, and delight over time……. By publishing the right content in the right place at the right time, your marketing becomes relevant and helpful to your customers, not interruptive. ”

Read full article here

  • Content Marketing Strategy vs. Content Marketing vs. Inbound Marketing

Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Institute

November 4, 2010

By the end of the conversation, here was the consensus:

‘Content strategy / Content marketing / Inbound marketing…let’s all get over ourselves.  It’s pretty much all the same s**t.’

Personally, I use content strategy when I’m talking to journalists and content strategists.

I use content marketing when I’m talking to sales and marketing professionals.

I use inbound marketing when I’m talking to small businesses.

We are indeed all media companies today and it really doesn’t matter what you call it.”

Read full article here

  • The 7 Business Goals of Content Marketing: Inbound Marketing Isn’t Enough

Joe Pulizzi & Robert Rose, Content Marketing Institute

November 11, 2011

When the term “inbound marketing” first started to get traction, I thought it was pretty much the same as content marketing. I was wrong.

While inbound marketing (as opposed to outbound marketing) and getting found online by prospects are critical, what do you do with your story once they find you? If content marketing were a football field, inbound marketing would get you to the 35-yard line. Definitely critical, but hard to score from that distance.

In my view, that means a complete content marketing strategy would incorporate inbound marketing principles, but it would also take a more holistic approach to meeting a business’s overall marketing goals.”

Read full article here

Content Marketing

What content will you use to educate your customers on their purchase decisions?

Inbound Marketing

How do you plan to target and distribute the content?

Quality Content Creation


Content is at the core of every strategy


Content is one tactic

Educate/ Inform Customers



Attract Customers




Channel- Agnostic

(Online, Mobile, Print, In-person)

Online only


Heavily focused on building long-term relationships

Heavily focused on driving more leads to the business/lead-nurturing

Defined Audience







If you thought that the two terms were the same, don’t feel bad. It took Joe Pulizzi (the person who coined the term Content Marketing), just over a year to come to the conclusion that he was wrong, as he too originally thought that they were the same.

So we’re telling you ….. yes there’s a difference between Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing and they should not be used interchangeably.

For more information on Content Marketing, read our other blog posts: Be the MVP: Content Marketing Series

Content Marketing

Conquest & Surrender to Bacchanal 2014

Have you seen #Tingkerbel and #ting at Carnival 2014?
Yuh been wukin’ up at UWI Carnival, Bacchanal Fridays, Cocoa J’ouvert & Colour Festival?
It's a Carnival ting!
It’s a Carnival ting!
 m neverybody let me see you clap those handsm n
Jamaica’s 2014 Carnival Season is two weekends away from coming to an EPIC end. So just in case you havn’t been #WiningUpOnAllTing you still have time.
Your next two weekends won’t be complete without knowing which events, costumes, makeup artistes and accessories are available to make you the most #TEMPting to end Carnival 2014 on a high.
Let’s get you ready to #MashUpEverything!!
  • Bacchanal Beach J’ouvert – April 19

This is the ultimate beach party …. soca music, dancehall music, all drinks … all day, live performances, James Bond beach (anywhere but Kingston). Keep the attire beach sexy, and ensure that it is something you won’t mind getting dirty. Pre-sold and ‘at the gate’ tickets are available just in case you havn’t quite made up your mind as yet. #Wine&Wuk responsibly, so unless you are planning to purchase a VIP ticket, ensure that you eat before and during (food will be on sale) those 9 hours of partying.


  • The Ultimate J’ouvert Fete & Road March – April 25

m nall hands in the sky..when my team coming down, we gettin’ on yes, we takin’ over di town…and is mad vibes straight ’til tomorrow mornin’m n

Partying from night until morning and then taking over the streets of New Kingston. If you couldn’t make that trip to Oracabessa, you don’t have to be left out of the j’ouvert experience. Revellers partied on the beach. Kingston gets to party then fete the most in the streets of New Kingston.


The Ultra++ team will also be ready to perform as #UltraWillHaveATruckOnTheRoad. Be sure to contact an ultra ambassador to purchase those tickets early.


  • Glitter Tattoo Day – April 26

For the last 5 years, known makeup artist, Sasha Bowie has been having this event on the day before Carnival Road March. She offers something extra: water-proof, smudge-proof, sweat-proof glitter tattoos, to make your carnival costume stand out so much more. Be sure to visit Glitter Tattoo Day 2014 to get directions and further info on this event.

Glitter Tattoo designs

  • Carnival Road March – April 27

m nwhen the whistle blow & the big truck play, we go wine down low, whether night or day, coulda rain or storm, nothing cyah stop we, from jumpin’ on the road, on carnival daym n

The ultimate parade to complete the carnival season. This is the reason people have been going to Chai studios, gym, socacise, marathons ….. all in the name of fitting into those expensive sexy outfits and having the stamina to be the monster winer. The costumes sponsored this year by: Pure Country, Digicel, Smirnoff, Fame FM, Jamaica Observer and Ammar’s will have the men and women on full display while they enjoy themselves during the Road March.

5 Carnival Costumes for 2014
5 Carnival Costumes for 2014

For the faint pocketed, and those wishing to be less exposed, Bacchanal 2014 has you covered. Pure Country has sponsored two additional outfits to make your carnival march experience just as enjoyable and more comfortable for you if you prefer being more covered up. While Bacchanal Jamaica has a limited edition t-shirt section (no boy shorts etc) available for patrons. Visit Bacchanal Jamaica for more details.

Tanks & T-shirts sponsored by Pure Country
Tanks & T-shirts sponsored by Pure Country
Makeup Artistes & Accessories
  • Sasha Bowie

A seasoned makeup artiste for over a decade, Sasha specializes in professional makeup art services for avant-garde, high fashion, carnival, bride/bridal party, evening wear, graduation/graduation balls. Her other services include temporary tattoo application, false lash adhesion and image consulting. Though Sasha posted last month that she is fully booked for carnival 2014, she does have carnival products available for sale. Visit SashaBowie Makeup.Images.Art for more details. Be sure to book her early for next year if you like her work.

  • Tiffany Davidson

A professional makeup artist for over 3 years, Tiffany specialises in makeup for weddings, carnival, pageants, prom/ball, graduation and photo/video shoots. She also does facial waxing, eyebrow tinting, eyebrow shaping and false lash application. Visit Tiffany Davidson Makeup Artistry to find out if she is available to do your makeup for carnival this year. She also has carnival products on sale.

  • miSim Clothing by Simone Michelle

This fashion designer offers her female clients a choice of apparel and bags. Last year for carnival season she designed miSim slip on fanny packs, ideal for holding cellphones, lip gloss, money and keys while you’re feting. Visit Ms.Sim to contact her for details (we heard that she should have fanny packs available next week).

miSim fanny packs

If you have the #RealestBumpaInTown, you’re a #RollyPolly, you plan to #WineAndWuk, or will be the #HappiestManAlive, we hope that you will be able to enjoy the rest of Carnival Season 2014.

Conquest & Surrender to Bacchanal 2014


IPP Week in Review:April 5-12,2014

WeekInReview Cover Purple

It’s Pixel Perfect’s top 10 hottest topics in local and international news.

April 5 – April 12, 2014


1. Commissioner of Police Owen Ellington asserted in an interview on TVJ’s All Angles on Wednesday night, that Vybz Kartel and his gang are responsible for over 100 murders.



2. Former 100m world record holder Asafa Powell and Olympic Silver medalist Sherone Simpson were both given 18 month bans after both were tested  positive for  the banned substance, oxilofrine. Both athletes intend to appeal the verdict .

asafa powell

3. Minister of Youth and Culture Lisa Hanna and Opposition Minister Olivia “Babsy” Grange feud in Parliament.

babsy and lisa

4. As a result of the drought, there has been a water shortage across the island. National Water Commission has resorted to water lock offs in an effort to conserve on resources.

water shortage

5. A student of Northern Caribbean University was suspended for two weeks after she played the role of a male in a cheerleading routine.


6. The Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) busses are being stoned since the recent increase in sub-franchise fees for private transport operators from $280,000 to $756,000.


7. Oscar Pistorius is accused of tailoring his evidence to reflect that he is innocent.

oscar pistorius

8. UWI Mona students had an eventful week with the Dream Team and University Marketing Association first staging of Siesta as well as  the CARIMAC/Aggrey Brown Distinguished Lecture and Tourism Village.

photo (5)

9. Usain Bolt, through the Usain Bolt Foundation, donated  footwear, football gear and t-shirts to the Alpha Boy’s School Boy. The 135 year old Alpha Boy’s will be ending it’s housing service but will remain open as a day school for the boys.

usain bolt at alpha

10. Denham Town residents are suffering from the ongoing war within the western Kingston community. Deadly violence has left an 11 year old girl and a 12 year old boy dead after gangs feud for donship.

denham town guns

IG Pic of the Week
  • Tifa shows a fan that despite the attempt to mock her outfit on Instagram, in turn she will show him nothing but love. #LoveMore


Video of the Week
  • Lisa Hanna vs Olivia “Babsy” Grange

View the video at the link provided:

Event of the Week
  • JAMPRO Expo 2014

Most Honourable Andrew Holness, leader of the opposition enjoys Kremi ice cream at the JAMPRO Expo



5 Content Marketing Trends for 2014

2014 “Content marketing topped the digital priority list in 2013, according to Econsultancy’s annual survey. Yet just 64% of marketers agree that content marketing is set to “become its own discipline”, while only 38% of companies have a defined content marketing strategy in place. Just 34% have dedicated budgets to it and only 46% have dedicated staff for it, judging by the results of the Econsultancy/Outbrain Content Marketing Survey 2013.”

Friedlein A., (2014, Jan 8), Marketing Week

We are now in 2014. Content marketing is becoming even more of a priority for businesses. To achieve your monetarygoals of growth, sales, profit and success inbusiness by using content marketing, you must be aware of the trends in order to bring the best value to your customers.

Let’s discuss 5 Content Marketing Trends for this year

1. Create content that is accessible on all platforms

Thinking ahead for maximum consumption, discoverability and engagement. ‘On the go’/mobile-friendly content has to be the basis of content creation this year. This includes being able to predict which devices your customers will use to access your information, so that you can create and tailor the content to suit your customer’s needs. Compatible user-friendly products for easy viewership is a must.

2. Think like a journalist, achieve the goals of a marketer

Story-telling is the basis of content marketer. Who should have better command of stories than journalists? Marketers are taught how to creatively sell or entice, journalists are taught how to creatively present information which is content. Imagine if you combined both.

 3. Accept the use of content marketing

Some businesses use it and don’t realise that they are using it, or have used a combination of the content marketing strategies but are using them incorrectly. 2014 should see businesses being able to define content marketing and also make more effective uses of it as part of their ongoing marketing strategies. Having a facebook/twitter account with few posts or only sales pitches isn’t enough, neither is a youtube page that has not been recently updated. Additionally, this will see the change in job titles at some companies to titles with the word “content” in it. Positions like “Director of Content” or “Chief Content Creator” are in the horizon.

Click here to watch an episode from Azan’s Home Adventures, showing how they use content marketing 

4. Automation of content will be the demise of businesses or won’t it?

This trend is a toss up. Yes we love the easy way out. But content creation is time intensive. It is your devoted time that allows you to create impeccable content. Trying to link all your content together for one dissemination is in fact laziness for fast sharing, rather than putting out the same content but in different ways to suit the various platforms. Don’t lose sight of the personalized, customer-focused approach that is unique to content marketing. On the other hand, some marketers think that being able to create a unified platform that can send out the same content and aid in fast sharing is the best things for the business.

5. Use of visual content

Customers like to be engaged and will gladly read your content once it is in a user-friendly format. The use of infographics, video content and short webinars make it easier for persons to consume the content, and it is presented in an interesting and entertaining way. It’s not just words on a page like blogs, facebook and twitter posts, or a newsletter.

unnamed (1)

See other infographic examples here

Content marketing is exactly what companies are using now and those who aren’t are quickly catching on. We must be able to keep up with the changes that affect our social space. Can these trends work in 2014? Have you started using any of them? Do you disagree with any of these listed trends? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

Content Marketing

15 Ways Content Marketing Can Improve Your Business

Is there a way to reach customers without interrupting them?

Engage rather than to be avoided.

That is content marketing.

Content marketing is a strategy of informing and educating customers in an interesting way that will boost their interest and aid in their analysis and purchasing of your products and services.

How can you use content marketing to improve your business?

1. Content marketing establishes yourself as a thought leader

You have the potential to present the best brand image for your business. To be a thought leader, impeccable content is paramount. It is important to know your content inside and out but it is even more important to be able to express that content flawlessly.

2. Content marketing is cheaper compared to alternative forms of marketing

From a monetary standpoint it takes little to nothing to write a blog post or a post on social media, compared to running an advertisement in the newspaper, television, online or on a billboard. What content marketing does do is take up a lot of your time. Content creation cannot be rushed. Ads have a beginning and an end, content remains.

3. Content marketing builds valuable relationships with your audience

Content marketing helps to make a personal connection and show that your company isn’t a robot of regurgitated information, it shows people your human side.

4. Content marketing attracts customers for free

How much does it cost to buy a google ad or a sponsored ad on facebook? What is the cost to share content?

5. Content marketing works with any industry

If you have a business you must have information to share. Content marketing is the sharing of information unique to your brand. Nobody can be more helpful about your brand than the person who knows the brand inside out. So don’t think ‘I have nothing to say or share’ instead think ‘what useful tip or trick can I share to improve my product experience’.

6. Content marketing allows you to provide proof of quality service

Through case studies, videos and testimonials customers have the opportunity to see the product and service in use before-hand. They are able to see the quality of the service and aid in the analysis of your product.

7. Content marketing pulls in unexpected customers

Content marketing utilizes many online forms capable of reaching persons that possibly didn’t know that you existed.

8. Content marketing improves customer experience

You now have the opportunity to allow your customers to stop thinking and speaking negatively about your brand on the challenges of your product. Through content marketing all FAQs or concerns would have been answered early in the buying process, and can be easily updated when new queries arise. You are now interested in boosting your customer engagement by reviewing and solving their problems before targeting them for a sale.

9. Content marketing grows a long-term audience

When stellar content is created and shared, your audience comes to you because of their interest. Interested persons make efforts and commitments. Unlike traditional marketing where you have to keep targeting different groups for every new promotion, customers gained through content marketing don’t usually leave. Just keep creating content to keep them informed by utilizing follow-up techniques. Don’t attract them and leave them hanging. By choosing content marketing, you made a decision to embark in a long-term commitment of value with your audience.

10. Content marketing positions you as a helpful resource

You want to help, that is why you chose this strategy. You want to create informed buyers. Who can teach and train a potential customer about your product’s full potential better than the person who will be providing the service?

11. Content marketing encourages virality

The ability of sharing information in real-time is social media, and that is only one form of content creation. Positive or negative, information about your company is spread and shared faster than you can count to 10. It takes one second for someone to retweet a post on twitter, one medium with millions of followers. Giving information with spelling errors like ‘slapt’ will make your company go viral but in a negative way, as the content of the information is lost because of a single error.

12. Content Marketing allows you to experiment

There are over 20 types of content that can be created and shared with your audiences. A combination of contents work best with different industries. The expense of a failed advertisement is more expensive than the cost associated with a failed content technique. A failed content marketing strategy can be tweaked for improvement, easier than a billboard with a misinterpreted message can be fixed.

13. Content marketing reduces your dependence on external sources

You have created your content. It is yours and no one elses, nobody can take that from you. The email listings, your followers, your subscribers – they are all yours. Your 5000 valued long-term customers will generate more leads for you simply because of good service.

14. Content marketing is recyclable

The same content can be recreated in different ways. This blog post is being created now. It is a part of the “Be the MVP” series which means it can become a compiled e-book, or a case study could be presented to show how these benefits have been actualised in companies. Additionally content can be revised once new information is available. Can you recycle an ad or will you to have to pay additional money for that change?

15. Content marketing educates your employees

Your greatest ambassador for your business is your employee or team members. In your bid to educate your customers, ensure that your employees are educated as well. Content created for customers should be content that the employees understand, as they are a customer themselves even if not to your specific service. So ensure they read the blog posts, like these to be informed. At our company, we give quizzes to the team members to ensure that they have read the content that we have created for our potential customers.

Have you been using any of these ways to “Be the MVP” in your industry?

If not, I hope that these 15 ways will help you to make a more informed decision about using content marketing. If you have any others, please comment and share them with us.

Content Marketing

Do you ‘rant’ or ‘rave’ on Facebook?

                   There are three general types of Facebook users:                           Ranters, Ravers, Non-users

Who are you “like” on facebook?

To the Ranters:                                                                                             Facebook isn’t your psychologist’s office. You are not permitted to give every extensive detailed secondly account of your life from birth until now. Neither are you permitted to brag, boast, criticize and self-promote in every post.

To the Ravers:                                                                                                   Facebook isn’t twitter. You are not permitted to write posts on every minutely change in your favourite tv show, football match, restaurant/work experiences, change in feelings, or every funny joke you hear.

To the Non-Users:                                                                                        Facebook isn’t a holiday. You are not permitted to visit it once a year, to dust off your profile photo by changing it, give a general ‘thank you’ for birthday/anniversary posts, or continue to tell your friends ‘stranger!! we should catch up soon’

Whether you realise it or not, facebook is the brand you build for yourself as you are the sole controller of the content (information that is posted and viewed by others). Your facebook page is heavily dependent on this content and the time in which the post is made. Being “liked” on facebook will result in your posts being engaged by either likes, shares, tags, comments or posts on your timeline by others. However, before you can be “liked” it is important to know how to post fresh, interesting content and when to post them.

Posting fresh content requires the user to be a combination of a ranter, raver, and non-user.                                                                                   1. Know which topics to criticize and stir up meaningful, non-ignorant and non-arrogant discussions and comments                               2. Be able to use appropriate images, videos and links that are relevant and appealing                                                                                               3. Know the right time to make posts and when not to make any posts at all

Here are 4 totally do-able tips to improve your facebook page and get those “likes”:

1. Post valuable, fresh, interesting content
  • Share views on topical issues as well as on new issues you’d like to bring attention to. This allows your friends to know that you are up-to-date on current issues and also allows you to become a ‘guru’ in certain topics if your posts are generally focused on a specific area

  • Popular areas for posting: sports, news/current affairs, education, technology and social media

  • Allow the saying “quality over quantity” to guide you. Too often people justify ignorance and discrimination with freedom of expression. You have any freedom so long as it does not impede that of another. With this platform you are connected to people from many different backgrounds, don’t purposely put yourself out there to get attacked for your ignorance.

2. Use media
  • High resolution images, videos and links are more engaging and appealing to others than just posts with text. It gives vision to words spoken as people are able to get a feel of what is trying to be described.

  • An infographic with a quote or a joke is much more appealing than merely writing the quote as if it were a status update on your phone.

  • Share your moments in a creatively named album rather than simply saying ‘I went to the beach with friends’

3. Respond to comments
  • If you want to be engaged by your followers you must allow them to leave comments and you should also be willing to respond to those comments in a polite manner. Disagreements are healthy as there are many sides to a story and varying opinions about an issue. Be polite and think of it as a round-table discussion, not a debate or court case – you’re not trying to find a winner.

4. Know the ‘time’ to make posts
  • To get more views you must share your content at prime times. Ranting or raving at 3am – 6am when everyone is sleeping or out on the town, 9am – 12pm/ 2pm – 5pm when things are hectic and people are busy at work or exactly at 7pm when people are watching news are not conducive to your posts to be fully engaged.

In your quest to get those ‘likes’ on the facebook that you ‘like’ to use, improving the content of your page (posts, comments, timeliness of posts) has to be the thing you would like and want to do. The focus can’t be on how to get more popular but rather to communicate the your brand (your life) in a more interesting way, without looking desperate.

Through our blog series “Be the MVP” we have been teaching you about content marketing. Apply it here. Aim to use content marketing and not social media marketing. You are not trying to sell people something directly. Rather you are sharing yourself in creative ways, that will attract persons to you in the long run. Combine your ranting, raving and (yes even your) non-use to make those engaging facebook posts.



7.5 easy ways to improve your instagram

         Instagram is your life through pictures and videos, collated,                                                           stored and shared online.                                                                    Gone are the days of having a physical album.                                      There is no need to print, post or email pictures anymore.            So how can you possibly choose a few memories to potentially share with 150 million active users, when everything in your life seems totally amazing and worth posting?

                                                         *pause*                                                             Don’t be misguided

Not everything in your life is worth posting, nor is it necessary to post the same thing from six different angles.

Knowing how to improve your posts on your instagram profile can increase your followers, likes and comments; build your confidence and allow you to have fun while taking pictures.

Here are 7 easy ways to find your best pictures for Instagram:

1. Selfies

Everybody loves a cute selfie. Take those great selfies by playing dress up and looking pretty.  Or take those shameless selfies with quirky expressions. You could even be creative and take a group selfie like Ellen.



2. Post your interests

If you are a car junkie, fashionista, designer, makeup artiste, then this is a great way of gaining followers and clients. Post cool pics of your cars, fashion, makeup hauls and outfits of the day/night. You’ll be sure to catch the eye of other junkies like yourself.


3. Use Filters/Photo Apps

Use 1 of 14 instagram filters to make your pic look more awesome. If you’re not satisfied with the instagram filters then use a photo app such as snapseed to add that extra touch to your photo. To post full length pictures then use instasize and for all your memories in one photo, use instacollage.

4. #Hashtags

Using hashtags are a great way of gaining likes and followers since IG users search for hashtags related to their interests. So for the fashion lovers, try using #ootd (outfit of the day) or give your crush a shoutout with #MCM (Man Crush Mondays) or #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesdays) and don’t forget #TBT (Throwback Thursday/Tuesday).

5. Food!

We all like food, so share your delicious meal from your favourite restaurant with your friends or show off your chef skills while you are home. They’ll probably envy you.

6. Capture Great Moments

Don’t forget to upload pics or videos or both from parties, out and about, award ceremonies, special occasions such as weddings, baby/bridal showers, graduations, etc


7. Show off your body

Been working out or just naturally hot? Well upload a pic or two to get those likes. Just avoid thirst traps ….. or try to -winks-


7.5 Bluestacks (Bonus)

For those who don’t own a smartphone or tablet, then you can try BlueStacks App Player for PC/Mac. Bluestacks is an emulator that allows you to run Android apps including Instagram!

2 thing to know about using Instagram on Bluestacks:

  • For Bluestacks to recognize the photos on your PC, download the ES File Explorer
  • Instagram on Bluestacks doesn’t allow you to record videos

We hope our 7.5 easy tips will help you to make better picture posting decisions on Instagram.

Be sure to follow us on IG: itspixelperfect


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